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Year 3 - Polar Bears

Welcome to Year 3 - Polar Bears!


W/C 18.05.20


Another week gone!! Hope you are all well! 


Below you'll find ore information/resources for another week :D 

This week's Literacy plan

Finish your work on 2D shapes from last week.

Make and draw 2D shapes with different properties. For example, you could draw some shapes with:

parallel sides 

right angles (perpendicular sides)

equal sides

You could take photos of shapes in the outdoors and annotate them using the pen tool on the photo.


Also, start learning about tenths. Start by cutting 1 whole thing into 10 smaller parts (equal). You could do this by drawing a rectangle and splitting it up into EQUAL PARTS. You could measure a piece of string and experiment cutting that into 10 equal pieces. You could try cutting food up into 10 equal parts.


If you have some straws, use one to represent a U (unit or one) and use 10 and group them together to make a T (ten). To show tenths, take 1 straw and cut it into 10 smaller parts (equal), called tenths. 


Can you start learning about decimals too? Only learn about tenths though! How can you write one tenth, two tenths etc as a fraction and as a decimal? 


Practise dividing by 10. This is the opposite of multiplying by 10. Dividing by 10 makes a number ten times smaller! 

If we divide 78 by 10, the 7 tens turn into 7 units and the 8 units turn into 8 tenths. All of the digits move 1 place to the right. When you multiply a number by 10 all of the digits move 1 place to the left. For example, for

78 X 10, the 7 turns into 7 Hs, the 8 turns into 8 Ts and then we put 0 for the Us. The answer would be 780! 


Try this using 'Moving Digits' on the website below! 


2Blog on Purple Mash

If you log into Purple Mash and go to '2Blog' you will see a blog for our class called 'The Romans'. Please add comments to this. I look forward to hearing from you all :D 

Learning about the Romans

This week, continue to learn about daily life. How did the Romans live? What did they eat and drink? What did they do for fun? What was life like for children? You could write a non-chronological report or design a poster with information on! 


Can you find out about the Romans in Britain? Where did they live in Britain. Why did they not conquer Scotland? When did the Romans leave England? When did the Roman Empire end? 


You could make a video and add it to seesaw! :D You could even role play and pretend to be a Roman living in Roman times! I'm sure you would love to be a Roman soldier!! Make a shield and have a pretend fight with a family member!! 

Espresso Website

This website provides a wealth of learning videos and activities for all curriculum areas that can be completed online. Children can access Espresso from home using the following login details: 

Username: student18024

Password: stpauls


Literacy resources

Click on the link below to find resources for online safety. This is a very important topic so please use this as much as you can in the coming days/weeks.


Thank you!

Some useful websites:

Lots of free maths activities


David Walliams is also reading a 30 minute story for free every day! Here is the link...

FRENCH Summer Term - Week 5

If you have missed the past few weeks’ lessons, recap the fruit and vegetable vocabulary.


Listen and read the story ‘Hungry Giant’ from last week. Don’t forget to use the sound buttons. If need, use the transcript to translate the story.


This week we are going to practise asking things politely. Work through the short PowerPoint and use the sound buttons to check the right pronunciation.

Have a go at saying the sentence with different fruits and amounts, e.g. Je voudrais deux(2) oranges s’il vous plait.


Now have a go with the work sheet/s. You can either print the sheet/s out or do the sentences and pictures on a paper.


Bien joué - Well done!



Following instructions

Studying Egyptian artefacts

An introduction to our new topic about Ancient Egypt!!

Still image for this video

It's nearly Christmas!!!!

Conscience alley

Still image for this video
We are learning about persuasion for our letter writing. Here are the children trying to persuade!

Making healthy dog treats. Animals need a healthy diet too!! Woof! Woof!

Making healthy dog treats. Animals need a healthy diet too!! Woof! Woof! 1

Tips for coping with cyberbullying

Still image for this video

Exploring the feelings of characters in our book 'Zoo' by Anthony Browne

Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Exploring Pendle Hill!!! We reached the top!!!

Exploring feelings in our story 'Zoo' by Anthony Browne

Still image for this video

More gorilla videos

Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Learning about the layers of the earth

Pretending to be a paleontologist!

Watch out! The Great Storm Lion is very angry!

Some of our wonderful work about Moses and the Burning Bush

Role playing the story 'Mousehole Cat'

Still image for this video

Curriculum map for Year 3

Please use the resources below to enhance your child's learning in maths