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Year 3 - Polar Bears

Welcome to Year 3 - Polar Bears!


Hello again! It is our last day before half-term! Even though we can’t do much at the moment, I hope you all manage to have a fun week off! For today’s work I would like you to finish your poem. If you wrote it yesterday, see if you can improve it. For example, you might be able to find some better adjectives or verbs to use. Don’t forget to do your spelling test too. Send me a photo so I know what score you get! For maths, I want you to practise choosing the correct method for subtraction. I’ll add a few notes below to help you and I will upload some videos onto Seesaw.


Have a lovely day and week off!


Take care,


Mr Perry


Maths notes

Methods for subtraction:

Count back in 1s: 76 – 8

Count back in tens: 58 – 20

Count back tens and ones: 45 – 21

Find the difference: 33 – 29

Written method: 345 – 128


Choose some numbers from the resource ‘Which method for subtraction?’

Try and find the answer but think carefully about which method is easiest/best!



Hi everyone :D I have posted some videos on Seesaw so please take a look. I have tried to explain how to 'find the difference' for subtraction. I am also putting a resource on below so take a look at that too!


For literacy, finish your work from yesterday where you were collecting descriptive words for your shape poem. If you have a look at shape poems online, you will get a good idea for your own poem. Have a go at writing a shape poem and make it all about your favourite foods. You can make the whole poem into a certain shape. You could write it in the shape of a plate or you could change the shape of the words. For example, you could write sausages in a curved shape. There are no strict rules for your poem so just have fun with it! :D I'll look forward to seeing some of your poems on Seesaw! :D 


Take care,


Mr Perry 

Describing and comparing rocks

Using chocolate to learn about the Rock Cycle ... yum, yum!

Curriculum map for Year 3


Please use the resources below to enhance your child's learning in maths