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Year 5 - Leopards

Welcome to the Leopards' class page

I would just like to take this opportunity to say welcome to the Leopards class page. Please keep popping back to see us here as we will upload photographs of our learning, as well as important weekly information such as spellings and times tables.

Mrs Ashworth


PE Lessons:

are Wednesday and Friday. Please remember to have your kit in school at all times. The school policy states that all jewellery should be removed, this includes earrings, plasters are not allowed. Due to marks being left on the hall floor we are also asking that children wear pumps inside now. They are most welcome to bring trainers for outdoor activities, as well as leggings and a school hoody too. Please can I ask that all parents check the school uniform policy to ensure they have the correct items for PE.


Water Bottles:

should be brought to school and taken home daily for cleaning and refilling. It is scientifically proven that children and adults function better when hydrated, enabling great learning. School cannot supply single use plastic cups to children without water bottles, please ensure your child brings this daily.


Thank you for your support!

Leopards' Gallery

Homework Information


The pupils will be given 3 pieces of homework per week.

1. Reading: This is the most important skill that your child can learn. Reading fluently and for enjoyment opens many doors both in their childhood and adult lives. Pupils should bring their reading book to school and home again everyday. They are expected to read a minimum of 4 times a week for 20 minutes. Ideally this would be daily, however I realise this is not always possible. Pupils who do not reach this target of 4 times a week will be asked to catch this time up during school. 

2. Multiplication facts practice: Each pupil has been provided with a login to the TTRocks website. This is a fun way to practice multiplication facts. This should also be done regularly to increase fluency and speed of recall for each of the facts. The curriculum expectation at Y5 is that pupils will be able to instantly recall all multiplication and related division facts to 12x12.

3. Spellings: The pupils will bring home a sheet each Friday. This is also available below. This should be returned each Friday completed. This can either be by bringing the sheet to school or by uploading a photograph to the pupils seesaw account. Spelling tests will take place each Friday morning. Children who have brought their homework and / or gained a green score in their test will gain dojo points. Those pupils who do not bring in their homework and do not gain a green score will need further practice during a Friday playtime.

Group 1 Weekly spellings to be tested Friday 21st January

Group 2 Weekly spellings to be tested Friday 28th January

Y5 pupils should aim to know their times table facts with instant recall. This week we are concentrating on x9

Learning At Home

During the parents' evening phone calls, many parents and carers expressed their willingness to complete extra learning at home with their children. Although our school policy is to keep homework set to the structure above, I appreciate that some parents want to make an extra effort to help their child progress and 'catch up' after the pandemic. My advice would be to look carefully at the curriculum map and use this to visit the library and collect books related to the topic. I have also included some links below to websites that can be useful in home learning and fun games to help education.

Curriculum Plan & Calculation Policies

If you are unsure of the methods your child is using for calculating in Maths, please click the link below to explore our Calculation Policies, which give examples of how we teach your child.

Autumn term curriculum Information for parents.

Maths Support for Pupils and Parents

Science Support for Pupils and Parents

The Leopards would like to wish a very happy birthday to the following pupils, who all celebrate their birthdays during the autumn term.

       Ammaar        Aroosh        Talisha       Hassan                             Katelyn           &         Alina