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Year 5 - Leopards

Thank you to all the parents that attended the 'Meet the teacher' meeting, it was lovely to see you there. I hope you found it informative. The next time we will meet is at parent's evening in October, but if you need me in the meantime, don't hesitate to come to see me.

Regards Mrs Ashworth

Information for Parents

I would just like to take this opportunity to say welcome to the Leopards class page. Please keep popping back to see us here as we will upload photographs of our learning as well as important weekly information such as spellings and times tables.

Mrs Ashworth

PE Lessons:

are Wednesday and Friday, please remember to have your kit in school at all times & that school policy states that all jewellery should be removed, this includes earrings, plasters are not allowed. Due to marks being left on the hall floor we are also asking that children wear pumps inside now. They are most welcome to bring trainers for outdoor activities so if they can have both in the PE kit that would be fantastic. Thank you.


Water Bottles:

should be brought to school and taken home daily for cleaning and refilling, it is scientifically proven that children and adults function better when hydrated, enabling great learning. many children are asking for a drink during the day and we have limited plastic cups, so for hygiene reasons please do send your child with a water bottle, even when it's cold outside.



Pupils will receive spelling, multiplication and reading homework weekly. This will be given out on a Friday. Children are expected to practice at home, return the homework sheet and have their reading diary signed at least four times a week. These basic skills are imperative to your child's education and practicing at home regularly makes a huge difference.


Thank you for your support smiley

This term's class novel is:

This term's class novel is: 1

We would like to wish the following pupils a 'Happy Birthday' for this term!

We would like to wish the following pupils a 'Happy Birthday' for this term! 1

Khalil,   Chloe,    Heidi,     Leon H,    Zulaikha,      Safan,    Lily,     Faris    &    Moosa.

Year 5 Curriculum Guide for parents and pupils.

For National Poetry day the Leopards class looked at the poem Word Of A Lie by Jackie Lay and then wrote their own version!

In our materials topic in science, we have been looking at the process of dissolving and what variables affect it!

Curriculum Plan & Calculation Policies

If you are unsure of the methods your child is using for calculating in Maths, please click the link below to explore our Calculation Policies, which give examples of how we teach your child.

Year 5 Recommended reading list. If your child is struggling for inspiration with reading, this recommended reading list from Educating Together may help. Happy reading!!

Spellings for testing Friday 18th October

Tables tested each Friday, this week is x3

Tables tested each Friday, this week is x3 1

Here is an example Times Table race that the children complete each Friday. They have 3 minutes!

Times Table Rock Stars APP icon

Times Table Rock Stars APP icon 1
Year 5 & 6 are expected to spell the above list of words correctly. Some will appear in the spellings which they practice at home. Please include these words in any work you do with your child at home.
Below is a document produced by the National online safety website. It gives parents and schools important information about the game that has taken the world by storm - Fortnite. if your child plays this game please read the advice below carefully.

Fortnite - Information for Parents