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Year 5 - Leopards

Science - volcano videos (part 5)

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Science - volcano videos (part 4)

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Science - volcano videos (part 3)

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Science - volcano videos (part 2)

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Science - volcano videos (part 1)

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Science - what occurs when materials are mixed together? (volcanoes)

Geography: comparing human features of our local environment.

Science: which materials make good thermal insulators?

Y5 pupils should aim to know their times table facts with instant recall.

Hi again Leopards. I hope you had a good half term break. 

Here is some home learning for Monday November 2nd:


literacy - watch a clip from Scrooge then make notes and form questions about the story and characters. 

maths - multiples work

science - a multitasking experiment 


Thanks & see you on Tuesday, Mr Mason.  


Home learning Computing for Thursday 19th November

This week we are looking at the reliability of in formation on the internet.


Log into Purple Mash.

Search for the Plagiarism Quiz in the search bar on the home page and complete.

Find Fact Finding Citations in your 2do's.

Use the internet to complete the fact finding sheet and say which site you found the information on.

Check your information by checking on 2 different internet websites.

Save your work to the class folder.

RE home learning for Thursday 19th November

We are continuing to think about the Christmas story and the different people who visited Jesus.


Last week we considered the Magi (3 wise men) and the Shepherds.

The Magi were rich and the Shepherds were just ordinary people but they all wanted to share in the good news of Jesus' birth and bring gifts.


Can you think of any modern day people who share good news and bring gifts. An example of this is Greta Thunberg who brings news of climate change and actively tries to persuade politicians to change. Also Mother Terasa who was very poor but offered good news through helping others.


Design a poster which describes your person and how they bring good news. Include a drawing of them!

Hello again Year 5 Leopards. Here is another batch of home learning for Friday:

maths - more mental addition and subtraction

grammar - similes

comprehension - seal rescue   

art - links to two fun activities 


Have a good half term holiday. See you soon. 

Mr Mason. 

Hi all you Leopards. Below this message, you will find some home learning for today: 

maths - mental addition and subtraction

grammar  - expanded noun phrases

comprehension - questions about Jacqueline Wilson's biography 

science - investigate how your memory works by performing the 'memory masters' experiment at home (from the Royal Institution's Experimental site)


These tasks will also be put on Seesaw. I have enjoyed viewing some of your lovely work on there from yesterday. 

Mr Evans has also posted some R.E. work to do.


Thanks, Mr Mason      

Hi everyone. I hope you are safe and well at home. Can I take this chance to say how much I have enjoyed teaching the Leopards this half term - they are an amazing group who have really excelled so far. Mrs. Ralph and I are both looking forward to a fantastic rest of the year with our class.   


Whilst school is closed, I will post daily work here on the class page of the school website, as well as via Seesaw. Today's activities are: 

Maths - line graphs work. 

Literacy - fronted adverbials. 

P.E. / problem-solving - Physical Tetris. 


Thanks, Mr Mason 


Wednesday October 21st Home Learning

RE and Computing for Thursday 22nd October



We are going to consider how the bible might help with ethical issues. 

Climate change is of great importance currently as our planet warms up. We know that cars and power stations create lots of gases which are making the situation worse.

What would the Bible say about pollution?

How would the Bible recommend we change?

Task - Make a poster

Write these 2 questions in the middle of a piece of paper and answer with some pictures, words and short sentences. Keep your work and bring it in after half term for our scrap book.

Hint- The bible might say, we should share our things with each other more so we need to produce less stuff!



Log into Purple Mash

Open your saved game and continue to work on this.

Use the spider catcher game and your saved work to help you.

Save what you have done and don't worry, we will make some time next half term to finish off.


Have a great half term, keep safe and I hope you enjoy some family time.

Mr Evans

Spellings (to be tested every Friday)

Science: what happens to temperature?

Year 5 Recommended reading list. Please read regularly, find a book you love and enjoy! :)

Curriculum Plan & Calculation Policies

If you are unsure of the methods your child is using for calculating in Maths, please click the link below to explore our Calculation Policies, which give examples of how we teach your child.