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Year 5 - Leopards

Good Morning Leopards,

I have posted the new work for this week. Please make sure that you are having a go at some of the literacy and maths, as well as our topic subjects, and then sending it to me on Seesaw. I will be checking how much work I have had from you all and trying to catch up with each of you this week to see how your home learning is going. Thank you so much to those of you who have written letters back to me. I have loved opening them at school. Thank you too, to those pupils who have been listening to our class novel and sending me messages about the story so far in The Nowhere Emporium.

Stay safe!

Mrs Ashworth

New Story Reading

I have started uploading videos of myself reading a chapter of The Nowhere Emporium each day. These can be found on our class journal of Seesaw. If you still haven't accessed this app please do get in touch with school. This means that we can keep the class novel going without you all needing a copy at home. Happy listening! 

Home Learning Overview

Home Learning Overview  1
Home Learning Overview  2

Daily Literacy lesson - Week 5 - This week the daily lessons are based on the Titanic. Don't forget to photograph me your work and send it to me on Seesaw! :)

Dear Parents / Carer

The new literacy work has been developed by Lancashire Education to be accessible by the pupils at home. 

The unit gives a video clip or web-link for the children to use each day and then a task to follow. I realise that each child is different and some will not want to complete a full task and some will want to do them all. Please remember that you are the best judge of what is right for your child at the moment. However, can I please say that routine is a really great way to keep spirits up and it will also help them to settle back into school when we are eventually allowed back.


Year 5 Recommended reading list. If your child is struggling for inspiration with reading, this recommended reading list from Educating Together may help. Happy reading!!

Daily maths lessons w/c 18th May - Addition and Subtraction

Daily Maths Challenge - the first one is a mid difficulty level and the second is more challenging.

Y5 pupils should know these facts with instant recall. Please use the app below to help them practice.

Y5 pupils should know these facts with instant recall. Please use the app below to help them practice. 1

Science Week 5 - The life cycle of plants. Read the power point presentations carefully. Use BBC bitesize to research the lifecycle of a plant. Then chose one and draw and label the lifecycle. Research the different ways that new plants begin, rather than just a seed. What other ways can you find out about?Then photograph it and send it to me on seesaw. There is also a SATs question to have a go at, just for fun!

Geography: The Amazon - This week you are comparing the Amazon Rainforest with a famous forest in the UK. Look at the 2 power points and read carefully. Use the forest facts sheets and the information that you have read to complete the forest comparison sheet. You can then upload it to seesaw. If you haven't got the technology at home to be able to download the sheet, please draw the chart on a piece of paper and photograph your work to hand it in.

Rainforest - A virtual field trip

Still image for this video


Summer Term - Week 5

Bonjour Tout le Monde – Hello everyone!


Recap 'Take Me to the Moon' story power point. Use the sound buttons to hear the right pronunciation.


To move on with our space unit to design our own planet, we need to recap our knowledge of weather, months and animals. Last week the focus was the weather. This week the focus is the months of the year.


I will be leaving last week’s resources available for when you are designing your own planet OR if you have missed French last week.


Work through the Months PowerPoint using the sound buttons for correct pronunciation.


If you can, print out the work sheet or simply do the activity on a piece of paper. If brave, have a go with the challenge.


Bien joué - Well done

RE Week 5

This term, children across school will be directed to the same resource so that siblings can reflect and respond to the same RE activity at their own level. There will be a picture to consider, alongside some questions and activities. Below are the picture and activities for this week and some useful links.

Computing week 5


In week 5 we are going to continue learning how to use 2 design and make. Some children saved their work to the class folder last week. If you want to do this I will be able to comment on your work.

Task:- Finishdesigning some packaging 

If you have a printer you could print it out make it.


Log into Purple Mash.

Search for 2design and make in the search bar.

Launch the app and click the help video at the top of the page.

This week you are going to finish your packaging. If you have done this already think about designing some thing else. Remember to add some detail to the outside of your packaging to show whats inside.

Use the rest of your time for computing to finish off any of your saved work. Revisit your game and check if it works, add some extra graphics and get someone to test it. Make changes which you think could improve it.



Week 5- If you have made your vehicle use your DT time to improve the design. Make some graphics. Use some cardboard (a cereal box) to make a body shell. Take a photo to show off what you have done.

If you haven't had time to make a car yet look at the link below.


Other ideas just for fun!

We would like to wish the following pupils a 'Happy Birthday' for this term!

We would like to wish the following pupils a 'Happy Birthday' for this term! 1

Callum       Abu Baker        Huzayfa        Tilly         Sebastian        Jack         


    Keira        Lacey         Levi           Marley     &    Leon W

Some of the amazing costumes from World Book Day!

To practice plotting co-ordinates in the first quadrant this week, we played Battleships. It was tense!

Exciting letter! Before Christmas Year 5 wrote persuasive letters to our local MP regarding Finn's Law, which the children saw on Briatin's Got Talent. Here is the reply!

Exciting letter! Before Christmas Year 5 wrote persuasive letters to our local MP regarding Finn's Law, which the children saw on Briatin's Got Talent. Here is the reply! 1

To get our new topic in science started, we took off in our shuttles to space!

To follow on we have now looked at the phases of the moon. We made them using Oreo cookies. It's great when you get to eat your work afterwards!

Warburton's visit - the children discussed healthy eating, food wastage and hygienic food preparation.

Odd Socks Day 2019

Odd Socks Day 2019 1

During anti-bullying week, the Leopards class took part in 'Odd-socks day'. It was a way of opening discussion with pupils about their own uniqueness and appreciating and accepting one another. The children worked really hard, discussed topics maturely and sensitively and had fun too.

For National Poetry day the Leopards class looked at the poem Word Of A Lie by Jackie Lay and then wrote their own version!

In our materials topic in science, we started by observing what happens to skittles in water!

We followed this by designing and completing our own investigation into the rate of dissolving and the factors affecting it.

Curriculum Plan & Calculation Policies

If you are unsure of the methods your child is using for calculating in Maths, please click the link below to explore our Calculation Policies, which give examples of how we teach your child.

In design technology with Mr Evans, the pupils are completing a food unit of work on biscuits. They have analysed and tested biscuits already in the shops, then they moved onto adding texture and design to plain biscuits. By Christmas we hope they will have designed and made their own brand of biscuit.

F.B.A. on Tour visited our class today - Definitely don't judge a book by its cover!