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Introduction to the subject leader


My name is Mrs Moody and I am the Art subject leader.  Art is a wonderful, creative subject which provides children with the opportunity to make their own choices and helps them to flourish with their creativity.  


Our Art curriculum 

Our Art curriculum intends to develop pupils' creativity through using a range of media inspired by other artists. In all key stages, pupils are taught about influential artists and exposed to their work. They are then given the opportunity to emulate the styles and techniques of these artists. 


We aim to instil a love of art and belief that all pupils here at St Paul's at artists. We believe art strengthens creativity and allows children to express themselves freely. 


At St Paul's we follow an art scheme of work called 'Kapow'. The scheme has units divided into four core areas which are repeated in each year group from EYFS to Year Six. Covering each unit every year gives pupils the opportunity to develop mastery by revisiting core subject knowledge and applying that knowledge practically in a range of contexts with growing complexity. The four core areas are:

  • drawing
  • painting and mixed media
  • sculpture and 3D 
  • craft and design



Have a look at some of the wonderful art work the children have created in Art club! They have learned all about Pointillism art, created their own Pointillism art and made some beautiful pebble paintings during our final session.

KS1 Art club - For our first Art club session we have been learning about Pointillism Art. The children then had a go at creating their own Pointillism art work and what an amazing job they did!