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Year 1 - Seahorses

Welcome to the Seahorses Year 1 Class Page.


The teacher in Seahorses is Mrs Jeffery and our teaching assistant is Miss Clark. Mrs Barrowclough teaches the class on a Friday afternoon.


Seahorses and Starfish classes are both year 1 and work very closely together, so why not check out the Starfish page too!


To find out what we will be doing this year please look at our curriculum. Look under the learning tab and then curriculum.




 Newsletters will be added to this page along with photographs of our work in and around our classroom.

Picture 1

Hello Seahorses and Starfish,

I hope you have had a lovely weekend. ☀️smiley

I have done some baking and enjoyed going out for a walk. ☘️🌺.

The ducklings are now getting a little bit bigger and can swim quite fast.

It is lovely to see all the flowers that are now beginning to look very colourful. heart

We look forward to seeing all the super work you will do this week.


Take care and stay safe.🌈

From Mrs Jeffery

Can you name the flowers I saw on my walk?

Can you name the flowers I saw on my walk? 1
Can you name the flowers I saw on my walk? 2
Can you name the flowers I saw on my walk? 3
Can you name the flowers I saw on my walk? 4

Very exciting news!surprise 

There are some bluetits visiting our bird box. They are starting to build a nest inside! 👏

You can have a look at

You will need to be patient.


Happy bird watching.

🐦 From Mrs Jeffery smiley

Spellings week beginning 18th May


On this site you can access books for your child to read.

seahorses01  Password Oscar
starfish01       Password Ocean).



Literacy Monday 18th May

Read along with your child with the sound on, or mute the sound and read the story/poem out loud to your child. Encourage your child to join in with whichever approach you choose.

Rumble in the Jungle

Choose your favourite animal and try and re-read that verse either independently or along with the voice over. Ask your child to put actions to some of the words to help them remember, e.g. big (wide open arms).

Ask your child, Why is it your favourite animal in the book? Encourage them to say words or phrases from the text which describe the animal and then complete the prompt orally, e.g. I like the … because …

Write a few sentences on their favourite animal from the book. Encourage your child to use words from the text and the word ‘and’, e.g. I like the gorilla the best because he is big, black and hairy. He is ferocious and scary. He makes me laugh when he wallops his chest.

Check for capital letters at the start of sentences, full stops at the end, the use of ‘and’ and the capital letter for the word ‘I.’

Now write about your favourite jungle animal.

Literacy Tuesday 19th May

Read again Rumble in the Jungle encouraging your child to join in with the verses if they can.

Ask your child to write a short list of animals that live in the jungle that they have heard about in the book.

Ask your child to try and spell these animal names independently without peeking at the book, using their phonics knowledge. (Note: There is no expectation that your child should be able to spell all of these words correctly at this age. They should, however, be encouraged to think about the sounds in the words and ways of spelling each of the sounds).

Watch the opening scene of the film The Lion King (up to 2:58 mins):

Watch again but this time pause to discuss and add to the list of animals which live in the jungle. Talk about animals they perhaps have not seen before. Encourage independent spelling again using their phonic knowledge and clapping of the syllables of the animal names, e.g. vulture (two claps), zebra (two claps), elephant (three claps) and hyena (three claps). This list could be recorded as a chart by sorting the animals with one clap, two claps and three claps etc.
Look up the rest of the animals shown and add to the list if you wish.

Write a list of all the jungle animals you saw in The Lion King clip.

Literacy Wednesday 20th May

Watch and enjoy the clip on the Ten Jungle Animals for Kids.
(Note: this is an American clip so pronunciation of some animals may differ).

Ask your child which animal they found the most interesting and why?

Repeat watching the section of the clip where their favourite animal appears, pausing as you do so for your child to retell the facts that they have heard.
Ask them to become the expert on that animal and go and tell someone else in their household all about it.

Ask your child to write a fact file on this animal in sentences including the information that they have heard, e.g.
Jaguars are very big cats and are about six feet long. They sleep up in the trees. They eat lots of other animals like deer, monkeys, snakes or fish.
Ask your child to draw a picture of the animal and label it too.

They could also include a ‘did you know’ question, such as:
Did you know that jaguars love water and are great swimmers?

Check for capital letters, full stops, use of the word ‘and’ and ‘or’ and also the question mark.

Write your own fact sheet.

Literacy Thursday 21st May

Read and enjoy The Ugly Five by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler.

I would suggested muting the video and reading the story to your child.
Remind your child that these animals are described by the author as to why they think they are ugly.
Can they spot words or phrases which describe each of the five to suggest why they might be thought of as ’ugly’?
E.g. The spotted hyena has a spiky mane and spotty skin. He looks grotty and has a voice with a mixture of giggles and
groans etc.

Orally tell an adult about each animal.

Ask your child to imagine they are on a safari tour, viewing ‘The Ugly Five’ animals in the wild.

Explain to your child that their challenge tomorrow will be to write a recount of what they have seen for their friends and family back home, including some description of the five animals. Today you are just going to collect information about the animals.

Go back to each animal in turn and jot down words or phrases which describe them.
Note:these do not have to be in full sentences today. The focus here is to gather vocabulary,
e.g. The Wildebeest spindly legs and gingery beard, big chunky chest and skinny behind, weird

Repeat with the other four animals.

Describe The Ugly Five

Literacy Friday 22nd May

Re-read and enjoy The Ugly Five by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler.
Ask your child to use the prompts first, next, then, after that and finally to describe which animal was seen and in which
Return back to the vocabulary collected yesterday on each of the animals.
Begin to compose the recount using the above prompts and the vocabulary collected in the previous session,

e.g. Yesterday I went on a safari tour to see The Ugly Five.
First I saw the ugly wildebeest. It had spindly legs and a gingery beard. I could see its big chunky chest and its skinny
behind. It looked really weird.
Next I saw…
Then I saw…
After that I saw…
Finally, I saw…

I look forward to reading about your Safari Adventures!

Each animal can be described using the vocabulary collected.
Check their own writing for spelling using phonics, capital letters for the start of sentences and for the word ‘I’, full stops and use of the word ‘and’ and ‘but.’

Research the other animals at the back of the book, e.g. The Big Five.
Write a recount as if they had seen these animals instead, after gathering some vocabulary about them.

I am looking forward to reading all about your Safari Tour!

Maths Quiz Friday 22nd May

Number of the week (5)

Answers to Number of the Week (5)

Maths Monday 18th May

Today we will be using equal and unequal groups again.
This week may seem easy to begin with but will be really useful as we learn more about multiplication..

Make sure you have your objects  and plates ready and enjoy doing the activities in the video.

I have included some cupcakes on the practice activity. I look forward to seeing how many different equal groups you can make from 12.  Make one set of equal groups then start again with 12 and see if you can group them differently. Remember we are making equal groups.

You could draw the groups or take photos.

How many diffent ways can you put the 12 cupcakes into equal groups?

Maths Tuesday 19th May

In today's video you are going to be redistributing objects from unequal to equal groups.

Have you got your objects and plates ready?

I have put the practice activity below. I have also put another challenge on the second page!

Happy grouping!


Can you redistribute the people so there are an equal number of people in each room?

Maths Wednesday 20th May

In today's math's video you will be grouping the same number of objects in different ways to make equal groups.

Have had a go at the practice activity on the video and remember to say the stem sentences.

I have included a challenge sheet below using 20 objects.

Happy grouping!

Can you group the stars?

Maths Thursday 21st May

In today's video we are counting equal groups.
It sounds easy, but be careful you don't get caught out!

Using the stem sentences will really help in the future.

I have put one of the practice activities on the sheet below with a couple more activities too.

If you have chance to draw the ice-cream cones too, I would love to see them.


This term, children across school will be directed to the same resource so that siblings can reflect and respond to the same RE activity at their own level. There will be a picture to consider, alongside some questions and activities. Below are the picture and activities for this week and some useful links.

This week's RE picture.

RE Week 5

Here is this week's picture. This water looks beautiful to me, I wonder which words you would use to describe it?

There are many stories in the Bible involving water. In this week's story a very important man (Namaan) is ill and he is quite cross.
Look out for the little girl who is brave enough to help him?
Why doesn't Namaan want to do what the prophet says?

At the end of the story Namaan decides that he will follow God. Why do you think he chooses to do this?
What do you think Namaan will do when he gets back home?

Have a go at some of the other suggested activities, the obstacle course sounds fun!

Picture 1

Questions for the picture.

Questions for the picture. 1
Hello Seahorses & Starfish!
This week for Geography you can try a little quiz! 
Use the continents world map attached and ask an adult to help you with this quiz. You could also use an atlas and the internet.
You can try it online using the link or print off the activity sheet and answers.
Good luck!

The links below are interesting to watch. Have a look and enjoy.
What country did you enjoy finding out about the most?
Picture 1
Hello Seahorses & Starfish!  I hope you are all well.
We really enjoyed seeing the information you sent about your favourite animal.
You used some super words – well done.
This week for science you are going on a pretend journey! 
You are going to imagine that you are an explorer and have discovered a new  island.
On the island you find a strange animal, a new species!
It is an animal that has never been seen before.
You need to describe it to the rest of the world.
Use your imagination as to what it looks like. It could have different parts from different animals. What are you going to call this new species? There are some examples of made up animal pictures attached. They are not real.
Use some of those new words you have learnt again.
You can draw your made up animal on the sheet attached or your own sheet.
Key words:
Habitat – the place it lives.
Is it a fish, amphibian, reptile, bird or mammal?
Can you name some of your animal’s body parts?
What about its diet – is it a carnivore, herbivore or omnivore?
We look forward to seeing your new animal.

Computing ( You will need to use Purple Mash)

Hello Seahorses & Starfish!
Over the next few weeks, we are going to learn how to make an e-book using Purple Mash.
Books can be read on the computer as well as the traditional books we usually pick up in the classroom and read.
You have seen books that you can read on the computer or on a tablet. These books are often called ‘electronic books’ or ‘e-books’. Have a look at the e-book The Pirate Cat in Purple Mash.

This week you are going to start making your own e-book by creating some pictures.

In Purple Mash, open 2Create a Story and go to the My Simple Story level.

You can choose your own character and use the paint tools to draw the character. Remember the undo and redo buttons so you don’t spend time ‘rubbing out’ you work if you want to change it.
Remember there are different types of pen. Have fun playing around before you decide which of your characters you are going to save. Don’t have too many characters. Two or three is enough. Can you add some text (words) in different colours and fonts?
Play around and enjoy! 
How to save your work
Click on the Menu button. From the drop-down menu, select the Save File option.

Give your piece of work a name which will help you find it next lesson – perhaps the character’s name. .

Save your work in your own My Work folder.

Here are some examples of made up animals!

Now design your own creature.

Using Purple Mash, you are going to add 2 more pages to your e-book story.
You will need an adult to help you.
Don’t worry if you delete anything. Just play around and enjoy creating 2 more pages for your e-book. You can always try again later. If it goes wrong it really does not matter
Ask an adult to help you with this.
1. Find the file you previously saved in 2Create a Story by going to your Online Work section on Purple Mash by clicking the WORK folder and finding your My Story file.
2. Double-click on the file, or click on the file and then the OPEN button, and it will open.
3. Continue your story by moving to the next page: click on the forward arrow at the bottom of the page.
4. Have a play with the pens and add more text and a picture or two.
5. Add 2 more pages to the story and use the arrow keys to go forward and backward through the pages.
6. When you are happy with your 2 new pages, try to run the two pages together by using the big green play button at the top of the page. You can now move forwards and backwards in your e-book.
7. Now that you have added to your work, you need to save the changes you have made.
Click on the Save icon. The name of the file should appear, and you can select the Save option. At this point, you will be told that you are going to overwrite you work. This is fine.
If it goes wrong, just delete and try again. Enjoy,and have fun experimenting!
Picture 1
Picture 2
To find different ideas for Assemblies/Worship have a look under the About Us section of the website and then under Ethos. You will also see photographs of some of the fantastic art work in school.

Here are some songs for you to join in with from Fischy Music. We already sing some of their songs at school. Hope you enjoy them!

Due to the amount of time your child may spend

online in the coming weeks. Please find below some useful online safety advice and activities for you and your children.

Some other useful websites are...  - A site by Carol Vorderman which is offering free access.  - David Walliams reading a daily story. - Harold the Giraffe is writing a daily diary. His first day suggests you make a plan. It looks good - This is a site where you can choose a book to listen to.

Here are some ideas from Twinkl to keep your child writing. I will be really excited to see any writing done whilst your child is at home . There will certainly be stars waiting to be put in Pandora!

Thank you to all those parents who attended Parents Evening. Below is a copy of the Maths ideas we handed out.

We have had a very busy but exciting last week of term!

Thank you for all your help and support.

We had a great Carol Service, remembering the Christmas story and even got to use finger lights..

Our Christmas party was very exciting. Miss Clark heard a sound outside and then we saw Santa on the security camera flying right over our yard!

A big thank you to everyone who sent in gifts for local assylum seekers - You were so kind and generous. I know these gifts will be gratefully recived.

A big thank you to everyone who sent in gifts for local assylum seekers - You were so kind and generous. I know these gifts will be gratefully recived. 1
A big thank you to everyone who sent in gifts for local assylum seekers - You were so kind and generous. I know these gifts will be gratefully recived. 2

We had to reach Eric the Elf how to share equally!

We had to reach Eric the Elf how to share equally! 1
We had to reach Eric the Elf how to share equally! 2

We have been busy thinking about gifts. We thought about gifts that money can't buy and wrote down a special gift for you on a star. We hope you received it and also the chocolate that went with it!

We have been busy thinking about gifts. We thought about gifts that money can't buy and wrote down a special gift for you on a star. We hope you received it and also the chocolate that went with it! 1
We have been busy thinking about gifts. We thought about gifts that money can't buy and wrote down a special gift for you on a star. We hope you received it and also the chocolate that went with it! 2

We looked great in our Christmas jumpers and enjoyed our Christmas dinner.

Thank you for coming to see 'The Gift'. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

Today we have been making fruit juice dragon potions to help Princess Pearl make the dragons better.

We had some very special visitors to school this week. They came all the way from The Bethany Project in Tanzania.

Thank you for helping us get dressed up for children in need. We looked great!

Thank you for helping us get dressed up for children in need. We looked great! 1

We enjoyed taking baby Olivia to church to get baptised.

We have been very busy in Seahorses already.

This week we have been having fun retelling the Monkey Puzzle story.

Last week we made Jungle animal masks and thought they were great!