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Year 6 - Spitfires

 Summer Half Term




More activities to come after half term. Check out this week's First News for some holiday reading.


Week Five
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Try this geography booklet


Summer Term - Week 5

Bonjour Tout le Monde – Hello everyone!


Recap 'Take Me to the Moon' story power point. Use the sound buttons to hear the right pronunciation.


To move on with our space unit to design our own planet, we need to recap our knowledge of weather, months and animals. Last week the focus was the weather. This week the focus is the months of the year.


I will be leaving last week’s resources available for when you are designing your own planet OR if you have missed French last week.


Work through the Months PowerPoint using the sound buttons for correct pronunciation.


If you can, print out the work sheet or simply do the activity on a piece of paper. If brave, have a go with the challenge.


Bien joué - Well done

Meet the Parent - New to year 6 powerpoint

Year 5 & 6 spelling list

Ideas to support your child in Year 6


Click on the link below where you can find our school's maths calculation policy.