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Year 4 - Oaks

Year 4 Oaks

Welcome to the Year 4 Oaks class page!

The Year 4 Oaks class is taught by Miss Spencer and our teaching assistant is Mrs Rayson. 

Mr Ashraf teaches our PE lessons on Mondays and Thursdays. Mr Evans teaches our RE and Mrs Martin teaches Music on Wednesday mornings. Mrs Asif also supports our class on Monday and Tuesday mornings. 


On this page, you will find important information about our learning and routines. 


Important update 20.11.20

Dear Oaks,

I'm so sorry we have had to self-isolate again for 14 days. Please find all the work on this class page for you to complete and send me on Seesaw. If you have any problems at all or would like a pack of work delivering, please either send me a note on Seesaw or a message on the 'contact' page of the school website. Thanks, Miss Spencer. 




Monday 23rd November

L.O. Draw inferences around characters' feelings

Re-read slides 1-5 to remind you of the story or listen to me reading it on Seesaw. Then read the next few slides 7-8 or listen again on Seesaw and follow the words. Look at the emotions graph for Flatface.


How do you think she’s feeling throughout the story? Can you think of some feelings to plot on the yellow dots on the graph? (You don’t need to print this out, just have a think)


Your task today is to write some sentences to say how she’s feeling during the different parts of the story and why. Can you back up your points with evidence from the text?


For example: When Flatface realised Snaggletooth had found some food for them to eat, she felt excited.


Finally, make a prediction: What do you think is going to happen to the family?


IMPORTANT: Remember to post all your work on Seesaw so I know it has been completed. 

Friday 20th November

L.O. Select and explore vocabulary

Re-read slides 1-5 of the ‘Woolly’ story on the power-point or listen to me reading it on Seesaw. Take a look at the words we found the definitions for yesterday:


bowlegged, protruded, ordinary, hoisted, gaping, drooped


Can you remember what they mean? If not, look them up again on


Today, I would like you to write sentences with these words in (to do with the story) on lined paper and post your sentences on Seesaw. Can you make your sentences complex by adding a conjunction? Can you use the comma to separate the clauses?


For example: Because Snaggletooth was in a rush to see the mammoth, he hoisted Bat-ears onto his shoulders.


Monday 23rd November

L.O. Round decimals with one decimal place to the nearest whole number

Today I would like you to have a think about the rounding rules: 1,2,3,4 round down 5,6,7,8 or 9 round up. Make sure you look at the tenths digit and follow the rule to round to the nearest whole number.


For example: 7.4 rounds to 7       3.5 rounds to 4        88.7 rounds to 89        347.9 rounds to 348


Take a look at the question sheet below: choose a level you would like to work on:

Red – easier, green – okay, blue- harder

Remember to write your answers on squared paper and post your work on Seesaw.

Friday 20th November

L.O. Compare and order decimal numbers

Take a look at the worksheets below. Use <, >, = to compare decimal numbers (like we did in class yesterday). You don’t need to print the sheets off, just choose which level you would like to complete: 1 star: easy, 2 stars: ok, 3 stars: harder then write your answers on squared paper and post your work on Seesaw.


Monday 23rd November

L.O. Learn more about everyday life in the Stone Age

Explore the Stone Age by learning more about how hunter-gatherers in the Stone Age lived. Click the BBC bitesize link below to watch the video and complete the activities:

Create a spider diagram, bullet points or a mind map to show me all the facts you have learnt about everyday life in the Stone Age. Post your work on Seesaw.


Monday 23rd November 



Monday 23rd November

Today, try out some yoga moves at home by watching the Lancashire schools PE video: 

Super Session Move Crew Mission - YouTube


Friday 20th November

While you are self-isolating, it is important to keep up your fitness. Today, I would like you to try and complete the fitness challenge Mr Ashraf set you last week. You will find it on 'gonoodle' using the link below:


Friday 20th November

L.O. Identify the different types of teeth in humans and their simple functions.

What sort of teeth do we have? Why are they different?

Do you remember using Lego bricks, scissors and tweezers last lesson to represent the different teeth we have? Can you remember the names of the teeth and their jobs?

Watch the BBC Bitesize video, complete the activity and the quiz.


Then, explore the following website to see if you can find out lots more about teeth.

Finally, create a poster to display in your house to teach your family about the different teeth we have and their functions. Don’t forget to take a picture of your poster and show us on Seesaw!