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Year 4 - Oaks

Year 4 Oaks 

Welcome to the Year 4 Oaks class page!

The Year 4 Oaks class is taught by Mrs Thomas and our teaching assistant is Miss Pickford

Mr Evans teaches the children on Thursday mornings.

PE lessons are on Wednesdays and Thursdays.


Reading books are sent home each week.

Children should be reading their book daily with an adult and answering questions about their book such as:


Who are the main characters? 

What has happened in the story so far? 

What do you think will happen next?

How do you think the characters are feeling?

How is this book similar or different from other books you have read?


Please give a comment and sign your child's reading diary each week.

Homework will be given every Friday. Pupils will have spellings and times tables to practise at home.

Spelling and maths tests will be given every Friday and results will be sent home.


Click the link below to access TT Rockstars.

We have weekly Oaks vs. Maples tournaments which pupils can play and win certificates for every week.

Times Tables Rock Stars ( 





Thursday 18th January 2024


Hi everyone! I hope you've had a great day so far and are wrapped up safe and warm at home. If you could set aside some time to do some work for me today that would be fantastic! 




Yesterday, we all went to see the AMAZING pantomime at the Pendle Hippodrome Theatre in Colne. I want to know what you all thought of it! Grab your pencils and paper do one of the following:




- Write a diary entry all about your day at the pantomime using first person pronouns (I / me / my), past tense verbs (saw, enjoyed, loved) and noun phrases ( bright colourful lights / yummy vanilla ice cream / fun catchy songs) 


- Retell the story of Jack and the Beanstalk using fronted adverbials and descriptive language (remember to start by introducing your characters and setting!)


- Review the performance using point and evidence 




TT Rockstars (get ready for the MTC by going onto soundcheck)




Research Sooty and Sweep! Print out or write down fun facts about them




Sketch / paint / collage an animal of your choice! 


If you've made something you're really proud of, bring it to school tomorrow and I'll hand out some stickers for the best snow day work!


Stay safe everyone and I'll see you tomorrow! 

Mrs Thomas x

We have loved learning all about the Stone Age!

We had a great time on the climbing frames in PE!

Christmas Jumper Day!

We have been learning to spell homophones THERE, THEIR and THEY'RE

Still image for this video

The children have done a fantastic job performing their Stone Age dance routines!

We have had lots of fun learning about the states of matter in Science!

We really enjoyed making our own book covers in DT.