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Welcome to our Governors’ Page

Please find below details of how our Governing body is structured, including the names, categories, responsibilities and terms of appointment for each Governor.  


Attendance at Governing body meetings is measured over the last 12 months from September to September.  Out of a possible 6 regular meetings each year i.e. 3 full governing body meetings and 3 committee meetings, each meeting is equal to 17% attendance (rounded up from 16.66%).  Governors may also be required to attend additional / extra meetings over the course of the year.

For information we have provided the Register of Governor Interests and an Annual Statement of Issues.



Mr William Seed- Chair of Governors & Foundation Governor (appointed July 2019 - June 2023. 83% attendance)


Mrs Julie Wood- Head teacher (appointed December 2016 - December 2020. 100% attendance)


Mrs Michele Cregg- Staff Governor (appointed July 2019 - July 2023. 100% attendance)

Mother is Governor Patricia Oates


Mr Mark Robinson- LEA Governor (appointed November 2018 - November 2022. 100% attendance)

Spouse is School Business Manager Kay Robinson


Mrs Lee Johnson- Foundation Governor (appointed November 2018 - November 2022. 83%) attendance) 


Mrs Lindsey Felters- Foundation Governor (appointed June 2020 - June 2024. 100% attendance 


Mrs Anne Howarth- Foundation Governor (appointed January 2017 - January 2021.  67% attendance)


Mrs Patricia Oates- Foundation Governor (appointed January 2017 - January 2021.  83% attendance)

Daughter is EYFS Teacher/Assistant Headteacher/Staff Governor Michele Cregg


Mrs Fiona Mason- Foundation Governor ((appointed January 2017 - January 2021.  83% attendance)


Mrs Tara Day- Parent Governor (appointed January 2018 - January 2022.  100% attendance)


Mrs Kirsty Astin- Parent Governor (appointed December 2019 - December 2023)


Revd. Guy Jamieson- Vicar (November 2016 - November 2020) - 66% attendance)



Please note - As of the governing body meeting on 17/10/2018 and with regard to the 'Register of Business Interests', there are no Governors who have declared an interest in or connection to school.