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Year 5 - Jaguars

Jaguars home learning overview

Jaguars home learning overview 1
Jaguars home learning overview 2

Daily Maths lessons for w/c 18th May - Addition and Subtraction

Daily Maths Challenge - the first one is a mid difficulty level and the second is more challenging.

Daily Literacy lessons - Week 5: Titanic

First News no.726 - Children's newspaper and activities

Science Week 5 - The life cycle of plants.

Read the power point presentations carefully. Use BBC bitesize to research the lifecycle of a plant. Then choose one and draw and label the lifecycle. Research the different ways that new plants begin, rather than just a seed. What other ways can you find out about?There is also a SATs question to have a go at, just for fun!


Summer Term - Week 5

Bonjour Tout le Monde – Hello everyone!


Recap 'Take Me to the Moon' story power point. Use the sound buttons to hear the right pronunciation.


To move on with our space unit to design our own planet, we need to recap our knowledge of weather, months and animals. Last week the focus was the weather. This week the focus is the months of the year.


I will be leaving last week’s resources available for when you are designing your own planet OR if you have missed French last week.


Work through the Months PowerPoint using the sound buttons for correct pronunciation.


If you can, print out the work sheet or simply do the activity on a piece of paper. If brave, have a go with the challenge.


Bien joué - Well done

Geography: The Amazon - This week you are going to compare the Amazon rainforest with a famous forest in the UK. Read the power point presentations carefully, then use the forest facts sheets and the information that you have read to complete the forest comparison sheet. This can be done by either printing out the sheet, downloading it and then editing the document or copying it out onto your own paper.

Computing week 5


In week 5 we are going to continue learning how to use 2 design and make. Some children saved their work to the class folder last week. If you want to do this I will be able to comment on your work.

Task:- Finishdesigning some packaging 

If you have a printer you could print it out make it.


Log into Purple Mash.

Search for 2design and make in the search bar.

Launch the app and click the help video at the top of the page.

This week you are going to finish your packaging. If you have done this already think about designing some thing else. Remember to add some detail to the outside of your packaging to show whats inside.

Use the rest of your time for computing to finish off any of your saved work. Revisit your game and check if it works, add some extra graphics and get someone to test it. Make changes which you think could improve it.

RE Week 5


This term, children across school will be directed to the same resource so that siblings can reflect and respond to the same RE activity at their own level. There will be a picture to consider, alongside some questions and activities. Below are the picture and activities for this week and some useful links.

Some other ideas, just for fun!

World Book Day 2020

We had a visit from Warburton's today. Children were encouraged to try a variety of fillings and had fun making their own sandwiches.

Here are Jaguars visiting a Victorian - themed Queen Street Mill in Briercliffe this week. The children participated in a traditional pantomime, saw the original looms, made a cornucopia and even had a visit from Father Christmas!

                                      Mrs Aspinall's Book Recommendation             

This is the first in a series of books by the author Eoin Colfer. 

'I think that anyone who likes science - fiction, action and also has a good sense of humour, would enjoy this series of books as much as I did!'



                                     Book Battleships

Year 5 Jaguars are being encouraged to read and explore different book genres by competing in a class 'Book Battleships' scheme. Children need to read a book from a particular genre and write a book review. Following this, their photo is put onto the 'Book Battleship' grid. Children need to complete four different genres in a row to complete the challenge.


The genre categories are:

Non - fiction



Science - fiction



Funny story

Adventure story

Detective story

Historical story

Ghost story

Story from another culture

Classic fiction

Modern fiction

Traditional story

Myth or Legend


Please help us in encouraging your child to read something they might not usually be drawn to and participate in 'Book Battleships.'

Thank you.



Information for Parents

Welcome back to the new school year and to the Jaguar's class. I have included some initial information for those parents who could not make the 'Meet the teacher evening'. In the meantime, should you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

Mrs Aspinall


PE Lessons

Are Thursday and Friday, please remember to have your kit in school at all times & that school policy states that all jewellery should be removed.

Water Bottles

Should be brought to school and taken home daily for cleaning and refilling, it is scientifically proven that children and adults function better when hydrated, enabling great learning.



Spelling homework sheets are given out each Friday and should be returned, completed, the following Friday.


Reading Books

Your child should know which is their reading day. However, it would be helpful if children can have their reading books and diaries in their bags at all times in case of an interruption to the weekly plan or an opportunity for extra reading occurs. Please ensure that your child is reading out loud to an adult regularly, they are more likely to spot their own mistakes or misunderstandings if they can hear themselves and this activity also allows you to engage them in discussion about their understanding and enjoyment of a book.

We would like to wish the following Jaguars a very happy birthday this term!



Archie Wright, Wictoria, Lexi, Landon, Finn, Layton, Pagan, Tom, Zach, Archie Wilson, Summer, Waleed. 

Below is a link to the school curriculum page so you can follow your child's learning throughout school.

Timestables for testing every Friday

Timestables for testing every Friday  1

Here is the image of the Times Tables Rocks app for which each pupil has an individual log in so that they can practice their multiplication skills.

Here is the image of the Times Tables Rocks app for which each pupil has an individual log in so that they can practice their multiplication skills. 1

Here are a few documents to help encourage enjoyment in reading, we hope they help. Happy Reading!

Important information on the impact of Fortnite for parents