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Year 5 - Jaguars

Jaguars home learning for January and February 2021 lockdown.


For all children at home, I will post activities daily for maths and literacy on Seesaw. This will be exactly the same as the work being completed by the children in school. It is extremely important that you do the work at home, so that you will be keeping up with the content that we cover in Year 5. The work will include an explanation or introduction that hopefully prepares you for the independent activity. If you find that you are struggling with the work, please send a message and we will get in touch.


If you have any problems getting onto Seesaw, please contact the school office for support with this. If you are only able to  access Seesaw on a phone, an option is to do the work on pen and paper then take a photo of what you have done as evidence. For anyone needing paper, you can collect exercise books from the school entrance. 


I am looking forward to seeing what we can achieve together!


Take care,


Mrs Aspinall



Computing – Week beginning January 5th

This half term we are thinking about databases. What do you think a database is?

A database holds lots of information about different things.

Task 1

Log into Purple Mash.

Search for ‘2investigate’

Click on the app and open, then select Aliens from the menu


This will now open a screen which shows lots of pictures of Aliens

Task 2

Click on each Alien to find out information about them.

To the right of the + button at the top of the screen are 3 icons. Click on these to see what information you can find out. It’s just the same but easier to see.

Open the PDF below and see if you can answer the questions.


Below is a link to the school curriculum page so you can follow your child's learning throughout school.

Timestables for testing every Friday

Here is the image of the Times Tables Rocks app for which each pupil has an individual log in so that they can practice their multiplication skills.

Here are a few documents to help encourage enjoyment in reading, we hope they help. Happy Reading!