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Introduction to the subject leader

My name is Mrs Hawkins and I lead music in the school. Music has been a passion of mine since I started learning to play the piano at 6 years old. I played in Pendle Youth Orchestra, and went on to study music as part of my teaching qualification. Several instruments and many years later, I still love playing regularly as part of a 'worship band' at my church. Children at school know that I lead some worship assemblies and the school choir. I also teach violin to a small group in school. I love music and particularly enjoy sharing it with others and I know that, at St Paul's, we have some great little musicians and singers.  

This page will keep being added to so watch out for new information in the next few weeks!

How we teach music at St Paul's

Music is is taught weekly, generally in half hour sessions using an online scheme called Charanga, which follows the Governments model curriculum for music at primary school. It is taught as a discreet subject through a spiral curriculum to ensure effective skill learning and progression. In addition, singing is taught in assemblies and is also frequently used as a tool for learning in other subject areas such as literacy, history and even science. The Charanga scheme is also used in EYFS and singing is an important learning tool in many areas of learning. 

We have class sets of glockenspiels and recorders as well as untuned percussion to allow maximum participation in music making. Year three children are taught to play recorder through whole class lessons in the autumn term and are then encouraged to pursue individual instrumental lessons if they have shown particular aptitude or interest.

Instrumental Lessons

For children who show an interest, we are able to offer instrumental lessons from woodwind and violin teachers. These are offered at a reduced cost and take place in school time. If you would like your child to have lessons, please contact the school office for more information.

Instrumental lessons