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St Paul's Church of EnglandPrimary School

'Love God, Love Ourselves, Love Others, Love Learning'


Meet the staff of St Paul's School below





Mrs J. Wood- Head teacher 


Mrs W. Aspinall- Assistant head & Jaguars (Year 5) teacher


Mrs M. Cregg- Assistant head & Butterflies (Reception) teacher






Office Staff:


Mrs K. Robinson- School Business Manager


Mrs C. Scales- Extended Services Manager and Admin Officer


Miss T Andrews- Admin Officer





Early Years & Foundation Stage:


Mrs M. Cregg- Butterflies (Reception) teacher and EYFS leader


Mrs K. Scott- Busybees (Reception) teacher


Mrs A. Watson- EYFS T.A


Miss S. Jabeen- EYFS T.A


Mrs L. Elwell- EYFS T.A


Miss L. Nowell- EYFS T.A 


Mrs M. McKenna- 121 Support T.A








Key Stage 1:


Miss K. Stowe- Starfish (Year 1) teacher


Mrs S. Brook-Smith - Starfish T.A


Mrs H. Jeffery- Seahorses (Year 1) teacher


Miss P. Clark- Seahorses T.A


Mrs P. Moody- Astronauts (Year 2) teacher


Mrs K. Ashworth- Astronauts T.A


Mrs A. Roberts- Rockets (Year 2) teacher


Mrs J. Simms- Rockets T.A










Key Stage 2:


Mrs K Hawkins- Penguins (Year 3) teacher


Mrs L. De Loup- Penguins T.A


Mrs L. Felters - Polar Bears (Year 3) teacher


Mr S. RushtonPolar Bears T.A


Mrs C Thomas- Oaks (Year 4) teacher


Mss F. Heap- Oaks T.A


Mrs E. Westlake- Maples (Year 4) teacher & SENCO


Mrs D. Rayson- Maples T.A


Mrs E. Ashworth- Leopards (Year 5) teacher


Mrs J. Ralph- Leopards T.A


Mrs W. AspinallJaguars (Year 5) teacher


Mrs K. Catlow- Jaguars T.A


Mrs J. Maguire- Spitfires (Year 6) teacher


Miss M. Pilling- Spitfires T.A


Mr P. Mason- Jets (Year 6) teacher


Mrs K. Madden- Jets T.A


Mrs S. Naveed -  121 Support T.A


Miss  S. Pickford- 121 Support T.A 


Miss N. Thompson- 121 Support T.A













Other areas of school: 


Mr P. Evans- Rockets & Maples teacher, plus PPA cover


Mrs S. Lewer- PPA cover


Mrs S. Graham- Learning mentor


Mrs J. Barrowclough- HLTA throughout school





Mr A. Ashraf- Sports coach and T.A







Breakfast Club:


Miss N. Snowden, Mrs P. Wilkinson, Miss T Dust, Mrs G Plant







Mrs L. Elwell, Mrs P.Wilkinson, Miss T Dust, 

Mrs M McKenna, Miss N Ali, Miss L Bancroft.









Welfare (lunchtime) Staff: 


Miss N. Snowden- Supervisor


Mrs A. Watson


Miss L. Bancroft


Miss N Ali


Mrs M. McKenna


Mrs K. Nisa


Mrs L. Anwar


Miss T. Dust


Ms Z. Wright


Ms J. Slater


Miss P. Wilkinson


Mrs L. Johnson











Site Staff: 


Mr M. Crook- Site supervisor


Mrs P. Helliwell- Cleaning staff


Mr C. Sutcliffe- Cleaning staff


Mrs P. Wilkinson- Cleaning staff


Mrs G. Smith- School Cook