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The Curriculum – What is it and how does it work?


Below are links to an overview of the curriculum for each year group but we want children to learn more than a collection of facts or simply increase their knowledge – both of which are important in their own right.


For example, it could be boring if children learning about The Great Fire of London only ever understand “about lots of buildings having been destroyed in a big fire” or later on in life are simply able to answer ‘pub quiz’ questions such as “In which street did the Great Fire of London start?”


Even younger children are able to thoughtfully consider the ‘human tragedy’ of the fire, i.e- What about the sorrow and sadness caused by the death rate? – What about those who were badly injured? – Were they all rushed to hospital? – Were there any hospitals, medicines, drugs, even doctors and nurses? Children may carry out research as to how many homes / buildings were destroyed, and having found out, can then ask questions such as “What happened to the individuals and families who were made homeless, lost their business if they had a shop, etc?” or “Was there such a thing as insurance, and who, if anybody, would help them?”  This in turn generates many other questions and fields of enquiry, which all children with the right support are capable of investigating and applying to life today as similarities and differences.  Then there is the “Retelling” of the human tragedy using literacy skills (verbal and written, in character or as report) and counting the cost – both human and material, which ties into numeracy very well. Of course, the Great Fire led to a radical rebuilding programme and redesign of the City of London, much of which is cleary evident today – presenting a great opportunity to compare and contrast old with new.


So, as you can see, learning isn’t just about gaining knowledge and developing skills, it’s about using and applying that knowledge and skill to broaden understanding and find out more in order to carry out further investigation and ask more questions – all of which the children are encouraged to do themselves.


The curriculum overview presented below is simply a framework / outline of topics and subject areas within which, regardless of the content, children will be encouraged to use and develop the skills mentioned above. By approaching learning in this way, children will develop a much greater understanding and appreciation of what they are learning and their role within it.


Phonics and reading scheme information


Children at St Paul's begin reading using the Letters and Sounds Phonics Scheme. This supports our EYFS and early key stage 1 reading scheme 'Phonics Bug'.

Our primary key stage 1 reading scheme is The Oxford Reading Tree which leads into key stage 2 where children read independently using a range of fiction and non-fiction texts.



Please click on the links below to open the Curriculum Plans for each year group.

Sex Education and Relationship Policy



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If you have any questions regarding the curriculum we teach at St Paul's please contact the school directly.