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St Paul's Church of EnglandPrimary School

'Love God, Love Ourselves, Love Others, Love Learning'


Our Curriculum Intent Statement


Please read the attached statement to find out how we tailor the National Curriculum to the needs of our children at St Paul's.



The Curriculum 


We are currently reviewing our curriculum, tailoring what we teach to the needs of our children, in this part of East Lancashire, as well as continuing to ensure that we cover all the National Curriculum and that we have clear age-appropriate standards and progression in every subject.


Our curriculum maps are attached above. Please note that the Reception class/ Early Years curriculum map changes from term to term, year to year as the teachers plan topics and themes which match the children's particular interests, whilst covering the essential early years skills and knowledge of course.


We now have some new school values, based on our children's needs and the ethos of our Christian school, which our curriculum will reflect. Our values are: LOVE (we want children to know that they are loved by God, to have self esteem and to care for others), JOY (we want children to enjoy learning), PERSEVERANCE ( we want children to be resilient to challenges and to try their hardest, even when things are difficult), FORGIVENESS (essential if children are to get along with others), JUSTICE (to learn respect for others and to know what is right or wrong) and HOPE (we want children to have ambition, and to aim high for themselves). These values will run through all our teaching. 


Our curriculum is organised according to a theme wherever possible. This is so that children can become really enthused by a topic and so that subjects complement each other. For example, when doing a topic on "The Savage Stone Age", the class novel is "Stig of the dump" which, as well as being a great read, will also give some information about the Stone Age which will complement History lessons.


As we continue to "fine tune" our curriculum this year, we will add to this part of our website so keep checking!


Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) Policy

There is a new document from the Department for Education on RSE. This guidance will become compulsory from September 2020. We are currently reviewing our RSE policy in school, alongside this guidance and have a "working party" planned and will also ask parents' views before we finalise our own St Paul's policy. The new RSE guidance does not make sex education compulsory in primary schools, and our current views are that we agree that it is best covered in secondary school not primary. As soon as our policy is finalised, it will be attached to this part of our website.








Phonics and reading scheme information


Children at St Paul's begin reading using the Lancashire Education Authority RED ROSE Phonics Scheme. This supports our EYFS and early key stage 1 reading scheme 'Phonics Bug'.

Our primary key stage 1 reading scheme is The Oxford Reading Tree which leads into key stage 2 where children read independently using a range of fiction and non-fiction texts.




Much of our training and resources to support our curriculum comes from training and support which we buy in from Lancashire Education Authority, supplemented with resources and training from other educational experts and from teachers' own planning based on the needs of our children in this community.


If you have any questions regarding the curriculum we teach at St Paul's please contact the school directly.