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St Paul's Church of EnglandPrimary School

'Love God, Love Ourselves, Love Others, Love Learning'

Our Christian Ethos

St Paul's is a Christian school and we take our Christian faith very seriously. Please read our Mission and Vision statement which underpins everything which we do in school.

This is our school Bible verse. It helps us to remember that God constantly loves us and this helps us to show love to others through our values.

Our School Bible verse can also be found in our Outdoor Prayer Space.

This Bible verse can be found in our Outdoor Prayer Space.

Love God, love ourselves,

love others, love learning.

Our school values are really important to us. Each half term we think carefully about a different value. We consider other people who display that value and how we can apply the value to our own lives.

We worked with Mr. P  Wood (an artist) during one of our Art and Spirituality weeks to paint the values above.

Church Links

We have very close links with St Paul's Church which is just down the road from our school. Reverend Guy, vicar at St Paul's, is on our Board of Governors and he is a regular visitor to school. Reverend Simon Lloyd, curate at St Paul's, does assemblies for us alongside Reverend Guy. They are our St Paul's double act!


Many of our governors attend St Paul's Church, and they support us really well. St Paul's church is definitely part of our family!

During the pandemic our Two Rev’s have worked hard to continue to lead us in Worship via Zoom! It is such a blessing to have them back with us in school.

They taught us about God’s love using hoops and even make a band!

We hope all is well with you and your families in these very strange times. We are praying for our school, our community, our  country and our world. We have a special e-mail just for prayer requests. If you  would like Rev Guy or the staff prayer team to pray for you, your family or your current circumstances please use the following email.


Mrs Jeffery and Rev Guy will be managing this e-mail account and can pray personally for anything you don't want to share with the rest of the team. Just let us know in your email.

However please be aware that anything of a safe guarding/ criminal nature will have to be shared with Mrs Wood for appropriate action to be taken.
'Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.’ Joshua 1 verse 9

Over the last few years our Ethos Encouragers have been really busy. They continue to work with Mrs Jeffery and Mrs Wood to plan our worship and discuss other ideas which will help develop further our school ethos.


Our very first group of Ethos Encouragers met together to decide which Bible stories would best illustrate our values.


The resulting paintings are stunning!

Our first Ethos Encouragers hard at work!

We had an amazing time watching Mrs Hurst paint these pictures. We hope you get as much pleasure out of them as we do.

These paintings can be found in our library area. Look out for them when you are next in school.

Our most recent Ethos Encouragers have been continuing the fabulous work of the last team who suggested we should have a forgiveness bench in school. They explained that this would be a place where children could go and talk and then forgive each other.

The Key Stage 2 children came up with some amazing designs which were sent to Ursula Hurst @artdaze.


Here are just a few of the children’s fantastic designs!

The Ethos Encouragers met with Mrs Hurst and discussed the final design.

The finished bench! We think it is amazing, thank you Mrs Hurst. The children have decided that the bench will move to a different playground every two weeks. It is the job of our Y6 Ethos Encouragers to speak to Mr. Crook our Site Supervisor.

If you or your child have any ideas to support our worship and ethos please ask your child to let their Ethos Encourager know.

This beautiful silk painting was created by our Key Stage 1 children during our last Art and Spirituality week. It is now displayed in our studio hall.

Welcome to our hall.

At St. Paul's we feel that our Worship (Assembly) times are vitally important. During these times of stories, music, reflection and prayer we feel encouraged and strengthened for the day and week ahead.

We would encourage you to ask your children what we have been learning and praying about in worship. If your child has to isolate for any reason there are some ideas below from our worship which you could share with your child. 


This half term our value is Justice. We will be learning about Courageous Advocacy and thinking about how we can make a difference to our town.

At the end of the Spring Term we had our whole school outside worship for Easter. Some of our Year 6 children told the story and we all enjoyed joining in with the singing and actions. The week before Year 3 and 4 performed Resurrection Rock. It was brilliant! Parents came to watch too.

Year 1 made Easter Gardens to share the Easter story with us all and we put them in our whole school worship areas. Which parts are the Easter story can you spot?

Last half term during the church season of Lent the value we learned about  FORGIVENESS. We  discovered what a difference forgiving others and being forgiven can make in our own lives and in the world around us. Rev Simon told us a story about a boy and a wasp. Ask your child if they can remember it!

In the first half of the Spring Term we were thinking about our value of PERSEVERANCE. We know we need to try to keep going when things are tough or if we struggle with some aspects of learning. We also know that God can help us.

Our EYFS children have a special action for the word Persevere. Ask them or any of us to show you!


Thank you to everyone who wore non-uniform and brought donations to support our friends at The Bethany Family. Many of these children are an example of perseverance in real life. The Tanzanian adults who are now running Bethany were once Bethany children themselves!

Our Year 2 children worked hard to help us focus on Perseverance. They added their Perseverance Prayers to our tree.

When we came back to school in January we leaned about Epiphany during our whole school Zoom worship. We enjoyed listening to Bishop Philip, he showed us some real Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh.

In the second half of the Autumn Term our value was joy. We thought about the joy which creation gives in Autumn and the joy of serving others. We enjoyed celebrating together the joy of the Christmas Season.

Rev Simon led a Remembrance Worship have a look through these slides and discover people from St. Paul's who served our Country.

Our Year 1 children wrote some prayers about joy. They thanked God for the joy they have and the joy of the Christmas Season but also asked God to help them bring joy to others.

Our advent prayer space.

Our whole school went onto the Key Stage 2 yard on the 11th Nov. Mrs Wood led us in an Act of Remembrance and Mrs Martin came specially to play the Cornet before and after our two minutes silence.

Our whole school went out on to the KS 2 yard for our Christmas Carol service. Our KS 2 children did readings of the Christmas Story and we all had finger lights! Our Two Rev’s joined us too!

We loved Rev Simon’s jumper!

In September our value was love. We want all our children to know that they are loved by God and that they can demonstrate love to others. We also encourage them to develop a love of learning.

Enjoy sharing in some of our school worship.

Our outdoor prayer space is constantly developing.

The Prayer Shelter looks out over Pendle Hill an amazing view and an inspirational place to pray. The staff even use it for their after school prayer meeting weather permitting!

Our painted stones are quite thought provoking. How many of each of our school values can you spot?

Year 1 were busy during our latest Art week. They had been learning about the story of Creation and decorated some CD’s to help us retell the story. We have put them in our Outdoor Prayer Space.

Mrs Wood uses this Irish Blessing during our Leavers' Service.

This year due to the pandemic we were unable to have our usual Leavers’ Service in the hall. We did however all still meet together socially distant on the Key Stage 2 yard with parents joining us on the outskirts of the playground too!

(At least it was warmer than when we did this at Christmas and Easter!)


Our Year 6 children then walked around the outside of school whilst each class came out to wave them goodbye! A few tears were shed. We look forward to hearing news of their adventures at Secondary School!

Last Christmas our KS2 children created the Christmas Story on their classroom windows. The children walked round and looked at the windows whilst retelling the Christmas story mostly in rhyme.

This was part of our worship in May. If you want to find out more about why this picture was in our worship, open the PDF.

Lisa who works for Blackburn diocese and is a friend of our school has also produced a worship resource.

It is called Off the Shelf and can be found on the Blackburn Diocese Board of Education page of youtube.


Bishop Philip who visited school has also made some videos for schools. Follow this link to see this clip about Lent.

A while ago we had the pleasure of welcoming Paul Whitaker (a deaf musician) into school. He came to share with us about perseverance and was an inspiration to both children and staff.

He taught us how to sign a very moving song all about perseverance.

We also used our creative skills during one of our Art and Spirituality weeks. We designed and made some amazing, thought provoking pieces of work.