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Pupil Premium Information – updated 2019


What is the Pupil Premium and how do we spend it?

Pupil Premium is funding in addition to the school’s budget and depends on the number of “looked after” children in school as well as those who have registered for ‘free school meals’. Schools are free to decide how to spend this money to support the pupils that it’s allocated to. In the 2018-19 financial year we received £146,802 in pupil premium funding.


How do we spend pupil premium money at St Paul’s?

 We offer academic support for pupil premium children who need to “catch up” and also support for pupil premium children with the potential to reach the higher standards. We also offer tuition and support for pupil premium children who have talents, such as sport or music, which could be nurtured. In addition, we support some pupil premium families which are in highly challenging circumstances with a variety of practical issues such as childcare through our extended services – breakfast and after school club. Our expenditure is as follows:


  • Five pupils receive peripatetic music lessons at a cost of £170 per child per year. Total £850 per year.
  • Four pupils come to breakfast club each morning at a cost of £15 per child, per week. Total £2340 per year.
  • Two pupils stay to Kidscape until 6pm each day, at a cost of £37.50 per pupil, per week. Total £2925 per year
  • Two pupils use the extended services facilities as and when needed.
  • 12 higher achieving Y5 & 6 pupil premium children are having extra tuition weekly from Kip Mcgrath at a cost of £28 per lesson. Total cost for year £13,104
  • All pupil premium children throughout school are having their educational school trips heavily subsidised from pupil premium funding. Total approx. £4500 per year
  • Pupil premium money continues to fund staffing – a TA in Foundation Stage, a HLTA and Learning Mentor totalling £59000 per year. Our full time Higher Level Teaching Assistant supports individuals and small groups, many of whom are pupil premium children, with academic work such as Literacy and Numeracy. Our learning mentor assists children with regard to issues affecting them which may become barriers to learning. These are often not connected to school yet cause significant issues for the child. Our additional “Early Years” teaching assistant helps ensure that our pupil premium children get the best start to school life. In addition to our extra staffing, every class has at least one full time teaching assistant and these staff spend a significant portion of their time working with our pupil premium children. We estimate that 20% of our total expenditure on teaching assistants is funded through the pupil premium grant.

What is the impact of our work with pupil premium children?


In the Y6 SATS and writing teacher assessment in summer 2018, our pupil premium results compared as follows:




66.7% St Paul’s pupil premium children achieved age related expectations (ARE) compared to 59.9% pupil premium children nationally.




66.7% St Paul’s pupil premium children achieved ARE compared to 62.9% pupil premium children nationally.




83.3% St Paul’s pupil premium children achieved ARE compared to 59.1% pupil premium children nationally.


Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling


83.3% St Paul’s pupil premium children achieved ARE compared to 62.3% pupil premium children nationally.


Our pupil premium strategy is reviewed every year in the autumn term.


Please read the information below which gives details of our Pupil Premium Grant and how we allocate the funding.