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Welcome to the Maple Class Page!


A message for all Maple families:

Thank you all for your understanding during my calls earlier this evening. As you are now aware, we have unfortunately had a positive case of Coronavirus in our class which means that our bubble now needs to self-isolate until 2nd November

Learning activities will be posted on this page tomorrow, on Thursday and on Friday, after which school will be closed for half term. 

May I wish you all the very best during this troubling time, and may I also take the opportunity to thank the children for their hard work this half term. They have made a fabulous start to their time in year four and I look forward to giving out certificates, finishing our Nessies and having our Afternoon of Joy after the holidays!

Stay safe everyone,

Mrs Westlake smiley




Over the last few weeks, you have done some fabulous descriptive writing about the Loch Ness Monster. For the last few days of the half term, we are going to have a look at some more amazing creatures!



Well done for all the brilliant creatures you created yesterday everyone!


Today, I would like you to finish off by writing an information text about your monster. You should use the descriptive labels from yesterday to help you.


Remember, an information text has a number of sections. (Remember, in class we wrote about sightings, the lake, theories etc.) This one could have a sections on:

  • What the creature looks like
  • Where it lives
  • What special skills it has

You may also want to include an introduction and conclusion, some drawings or diagrams and fascinating fact boxes.


You can choose how to present this but some ideas are:

  • A poster
  • A mini book
  • A powerpoint presentation
  • A video (although you must write each section down first to make sure the quality of writing is good)


I’m looking forward to seeing what you produce!


As I promised you all that we would be doing some challenging puzzles and games during the last few days of the half term, there will be some appearing here for you to do at home.



Today’s challenge is about mental addition.

You can do this as a game (if you are working with a grown up or sibling) or as a written problem (if you are working independently).


Game Version


Written Challenge Version


If you could do this easily, have a look at the questions below:

  1. What is the largest number of numbers that could be used to reach 37?
  2. What is the smallest number of numbers that could be used to reach 37?
  3. Can you use all the different number of numbers in between to reach 37?



Sadly, you have missed your final DT Lesson of the half term but don't worry - we will finish off our Nessies when we get back to school!


For today, I would like you to have a lovely afternoon, finishing off all of our learning about Scotland and Nessie by producing some art work of something we have learnt about. This could be Nessie, Urquart Castle, the loch, Scottish food or clothing or anything else you can think of!


I don't mind what form this takes. It could be a collage, a painting, a drawing... enjoy being creative.

Here are some ideas:


This week, we would have been learning the names of items found in a school bag. Watch this clip to hear the names of different objects. Pause it and practise repeating them like we do in class.

If you would like to, you could make your own video on SeeSaw, taking out items from your bag and practising saying the name.