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Year 4 - Maples

On Monday it was our Sports Day, and Maple class had great fun. Even the sun stayed out with us all afternoon!!

Our Viking Day!

Our Viking Day! 1 Rowing a Viking longship.
Our Viking Day! 2 Uzair getting ready for battle.
Our Viking Day! 3 Jonathan asleep in a Viking longhouse.
Our Viking Day! 4 Making a "shield wall" before battle.
Our Viking Day! 5 Some ferocious warriors.
Our Viking Day! 6 We all had a great day!

Latest News


Well done to all those children who received certificates for getting "green" in their spellings almost every week - and one person has got "green" every single week all year!

In the next few weeks, I will be looking out for "most improved" spellers.


Lots of children are not confident with telling the time and it would be helpful if they could practise lots at home. They particularly need to practise:

  • Analogue times "to the hour" eg twenty five to six; sixteen minutes to six, four minutes to five
  • If it's am/pm
  • 24 hour time ie when it's a "pm" time, add twelve to the hours eg half past two in the afternoon = 2:30pm= 14:30



All children in our class have been given a book from me to read as a reading challenge. If your child brings the book home, as many have asked to, please support them in reading it, and make sure that they bring it back to read in school every day.

Thank you.




As you will know, we do informal Maths skills assessments each Friday. Thank you very much to all parents who have worked really hard with their children - most children now know all their times tables and are working on more complex Maths skills. Now, on Fridays, we are going to be working on problems. Children may bring home their Maths assessment. If you could help them with anything they have got wrong, that would be really useful. For children who do not yet know all their times tables, I will still be assessing their times tables each week so please help your child learn the times tables which they don't know.




Please keep reading with your child EVEN IF THEY CAN READ ALL THE WORDS. Being a good reader, of course, is about much more than just being able to say the words. Good readers need to have a great understanding eg working out what new vocabulary means, what might happen next, or being able to "read between the lines". There are some example questions at the front of your child's reading diary. Please sign this to show that you read, and discuss the book, most days with your child.  

Y4 term 2 curriculum overview

Welcome to Year 4 Maple Class.


Welcome to Year 4 Maple class.


Please support your child by reading with them every day and filling in their Reading Diary. We also assess spellings and mental Maths skills every week and send the new Maths skill to be learned or the new spellings home every Friday. Please help your child with these.



To help your child in Literacy, the main thing to do is encourage them to read for pleasure. Children who love reading are usually excellent writers too.


One or two parents have asked about adverbials - which are an important part of sentence work in year 4 - so there is a document attached below to explain.

Maths and Mental Maths


In school, we have a calculation policy- which may be very different to how you were taught Maths at school! Please consult the policies for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division when you help you child with their Maths. This will prevent your child getting confused by conflicting methods. The calculation policies can be found under the "Curriculum" section.


Every week, we assess the children's mental Maths skills and, as soon as a child has grasped one particular skill, we move them on to a new one. Keep checking here for a range  of resources to help you with their mental Maths skills.

multiplication square

Example Questions for Weekly Mental Maths

When learning times tables, children need to know how to answer these kinds of questions as well as "straightforward" questions like 4x6=?

How many sixes are there in 36? What is the product of 5 and 6? (5x6=?) ? x 6 = 24    30 divided by ? =6


When learning number bonds eg to 100, these are the kinds of questions children need to be able to answer:

100 - 64= ?      35+?=100     100 - ?= 59


These are examples of questions for facts associated with times tables.

I know my 9x table, so I also know that eg

4x9=36    36 divided by 9 = 4      36 divided by 4=9    9x4=36

4x90 = 360         3600 divided by 90 = 40      0.4x9= 3.6


When multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 or 1000, children need to remember to move the digits and add or remove zeros eg:

24 x100


Th H T U

        2 4  becomes...

2   4 0 0


24 divided by 10

Th H T U . tenths  

        2 4  becomes..

           2. 4



Weekly spellings


During the week starting 26th June, we are continuing  revising possessive apostrophes. There are no particular spellings but here are some tips:

  • The apostrophe comes AFTER the owner eg Chloe's pen or Jayden's ruler;
  • If the "owner/s" are more than one, be careful to put the apostrophe after the owners eg the teachers' staffroom or the parents' newsletter;
  • Be super-careful when it's an irregular plural "owner" eg children's playground or people's champion;
  • BEWARE - some people put an apostrophe after every word ending in "s" and it's incorrect


WE ARE ALSO REVISING SPELLINGS DONE PREVIOUSLY THIS YEAR, AND SPELLING STRATEGIES EG "sound it out"/ "think of the root word"/ "think of other words in the same spelling family"/ "concentrate on the tricky bit".