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St Paul's Church of EnglandPrimary School

Serving Christ in the Community


Meet the staff of St Paul's School below



Mr S. Crook- Head teacher


Mrs J. Wood- Deputy Head teacher & Maples (Year 4) teacher


Mrs W. Aspinall- Assistant head & Spitfires (Year 6) teacher







Office Staff:


Mrs S. Clegg- Bursar


Mrs L. Hutchinson- Admin Officer


Mrs N. Stewart- Admin Officer







Early Years & Foundation Stage:


Mrs M. Cregg- Butterflies (Reception) teacher and EYFS leader


Miss K. Stansfield- Busybees (Reception) teacher


Miss M. Pilling- EYFS T.A


Miss C. Downing- EYFS T.A


Miss S. Jabeen- EYFS T.A


Mrs L. Elwell- EYFS T.A


Miss L. Nowell- EYFS T.A 


Mrs V. Monk- EYFS & KS1 T.A









Key Stage 1:


Miss R. Morson- Starfish (Year 1) teacher


Miss P. Clark- Starfish T.A


Mrs H. Jeffery- Seahorses (Year 1) teacher


Mrs K. Ashworth- Seahorses T.A


Miss T. Naveed- Seahorses T.A


Miss R. Spencer- Astronauts (Year 2) teacher


Miss F. Heap- Astronauts T.A


Mrs A. Roberts- Rockets (Year 2) teacher


Mrs D. Rayson- Rockets T.A









Key Stage 2:


Miss E. Charnley- Penguins (Year 3) teacher


Mrs S. Fenney- Penguins T.A


Mr M. Perry- Polar Bears (Year 3) teacher


Mrs L. De Loup- Polar Bears T.A


Mrs D. Herbert- Oaks (Year 4) Teacher


Mrs J. Ralph- Oaks T.A


Mrs J. Wood- Maples (Year 4) teacher


Mrs K. Madden- Maples T.A


Mrs E. Ashworth- Leopards (Year 5) teacher


Miss E. Wilkinson- Leopards T.A


Mrs W. Aspinall- Spitfires (Year 6) teacher


Mrs K. Catlow- Spitfires T.A











Other areas of school: 


Mr P. Evans- Rockets & Maples teacher, plus PPA cover


Mrs S. Graham- Learning mentor


Mrs J. Barrowclough- HLTA throughout school







Miss N. Thompson- T.A throughout school


Mr A. Ashraf- Sports coach and T.A


Mrs M. Atherton- School support/helper







Breakfast Club:


Miss C. Downing, Mrs S. Fenney, Miss M. Pilling









Mrs J. Ralph, Miss L. Nowell, Mrs L. Elwell, Mrs J. Bancroft, Miss N. Thompson & Mrs M. Atherton









Welfare (lunchtime) Staff: 


Miss N. Snowden- Supervisor


Miss L. Nowell


Mrs L. Elwell


Mrs M. Atherton


Miss N. Thompson


Miss L. Bancroft


Mrs L. Black


Mrs C. Reeder


Mrs K. Nisa


Mrs L. Anwar


Mrs L. Smith


Mrs Z. Hindle


Mrs A. Knowles











Site Staff: 


Mr M. Crook- Site supervisor


Mrs P. Helliwell- Cleaning staff


Mrs M. Atherton- Cleaning staff


Mr C. Sutcliffe- Cleaning staff


Mrs G. Smith- School Cook