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Year 1 - Starfish

Welcome to Year 1 - Starfish!


Welcome to the Starfish Class! The Starfish Teacher is Miss Kennedy and our Teaching Assistant is Miss T. Clark. In Year 1 The Starfish and The Seahorse classes work closely alongside each other, learning and playing together.


Have a look on The Seahorses' Page for information about their staff etc.


Visit this page for termly updates about the different topics the children will be learning about. We will also add photographs of what the children have been up to in class and around school.




  • At the moment The Starfish are spending some of their time rehearsing for our KS1 Nativity Show. We are very excited about this and look forward to seeing you all at the final performances!


  • As I'm sure some of the children have passed on, Miss Morson will be leaving St Paul's at Christmas to take up a teaching post closer to her home. This is due to travelling and family commitments and she will be very sad to say goodbye to both the children and staff of St Paul's! Arrangements are being made for an appropriate short term replacement for January and a permanent teacher will be appointed around Easter time.



News for Summer term.


We are enjoying our Summer term so far. We have been learning about new life in Science. We will be looking at many different types of animals and learning facts about them. Children will learn about animal features, habitats and senses. We have been lucky enough to have baby lambs visiting our school. The children loved looking at them, learning about them and feeding them. 


Currently we have baby chickens in school. The children have been able to watch the baby chicks hatching. They have really enjoyed this. The chicks will be in school for the next week and the children will have ample opportunity to look at visit them and ask questions about them. 

Children feeding the lambs

Children feeding the lambs 1
Children feeding the lambs 2
Children feeding the lambs 3