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Lunchtime at St Paul's School is a happy time for all our children! They have fun and enjoy their lunch break, whether they have school dinners or a packed lunch from home. 


School dinners are exciting for our children as they have the chance to CHOOSE their own meals, making it more enjoyable for them and their parents, knowing what they are going to eat in advance. This works by our parents (and children) choosing from the 3 daily options on our online form, using ParentMail. There is usually a meat option and always a vegetarian option to choose from.


Each meal corresponds to a colour (either red, blue, yellow or green). Every day, the children receive a wristband with the colour according to what they have chosen. The kitchen staff then know what to serve each child as they walk up to the hatch. 


This system is quick, effective and means the children don't just get whatever is left!