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Special Educational Needs

What does it all really mean at St Paul’s?


Here at St Paul’s we value all children equally and very highly.  Many policies and codes of practice can look great on paper or on a website – but what is the effect on the child?


As soon as a child gains admission to St. Paul’s, whether into Reception or later on into the school, an immediate assessment will be made and agreed by all parties as to whether any additional support will be required. Once this is established, every effort will be made to attract anything that will enable support to be put in place. This includes everything from finance, resources, outside help and extra staffing when and where needed. However, some of these things are easier to write into a policy than might be found in practice and the process of attracting support for a child can often be very frustrating for everyone involved.


At St. Paul’s we will work closely with all parties in order to make the process of providing support for SEN children as easy as possible. This includes advising parents as to their role and what they can do as well as liaising between other professionals and support agencies.

Key Staff:


SENCO – Emily Charnley

Contact 01282 617035


SEN Governor – 

Contact 01282 617035

In relation to the above, please see our School Local Offer and Information Report along with our SEN Policy . A link has also been provided to the Lancashire SEND Local Offer.


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