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PE and Sport Premium

The PE and Sports Premium grant – what is it and what do we do with it?

PE and Sports Premium is an amount of money awarded to all Primary Schools to help improve the quality of the PE and sports activities offered to and available to their pupils. Whilst schools can choose what to spend their PE and Sports Premium money on, it can’t be spent on anything else other than for enhancing PE and Sport and in order that the health and wellbeing of all pupils is enhanced.

For the financial year 2016 / 2017 a grant of £9120 was awarded to our school which was the same amount as the previous year.

How we spend the money.

With St Paul’s being a relatively new building with many fine resources and space, we decide that the most effective use of the funding would be to employ a ‘sports coach’ to work alongside the teaching team, in particular with Miss Stansfield our PE subject leader.

As part of our staff team we employ Mr Ashraf who is a sports coach. Employing a sports coach of our own means that Mr Ashraf benefits from being a member of the school staff with regard to continual professional development and by being involved in all aspects of school life. We think this provides a better ‘deal’ than simply buying in a sports organisation or third party provider. As well as delivering sports and PE lessons, Mr Ashraf delivers extracurricular sports clubs and also helps to organise our involvement in inter school sports competitions such as football and netball etc.

How else do we spend the PE and Sports Premium Grant.

The whole of our funding and more besides goes towards the provision of our sports coach. However, we have again renewed our membership of the Pendle School Sports Partnership through the Pendle Leisure Trust (PLT) this year. Where practicable and suitable, this provides additional input for pupils in Years 1-6, such as netball, football, cricket, cycling, running, Tag Rugby, handball, swimming and multi sports. As mentioned above children have the opportunity to enter inter-school tournaments, compete in leagues and to enjoy participating in festivals.

We recognise the importance of sport being accessible to all; and all children, regardless of Special Educational Need or disability are wherever possible given access to the same range of sports or sporting activities - swimming in particular is given a high priority with all year 3 children and year 5 children attending swimming lessons.


Last year was a successful year for sport at St Paul’s with the following:

  • An encouraging number of pupils engaged with extracurricular sport (football, archery, basketball, netball, cross country, multisport, cricket, athletics, circuit training and Bikeability)
  • Increased provision of extracurricular sport activities to cater for the above.
  • Wider participation in competitive sporting opportunities through the Pendle Leisure Trust (PLT).
  • As a response to the governments concerns over child obesity, levels of type 2 diabetes and general low levels of fitness, all KS2 children undertake a mile run at least once per week as part of the PE curriculum.
  • Children are developing a healthier outlook on their everyday life which includes an acknowledgement that physical activity is not only good for them but also really enjoyable at the same time.

So whilst our PE and Sports grant is more than well spent, we believe it to be well worth it and are committed to spending more than the PE and Sports Grant provides for.

How will we maintain and sustain these improvements?

The PE and Sports Grant is not a guaranteed form of income and schools have never known if it would continue further than one or two years into the future – indeed, with school funding already being squeezed a change of government could mean that it continues to be provided, is increased or enhanced OR is scrapped overnight. However, at St Paul’s we believe it is essential that we maintain and sustain the current high standard of provision and attainment in PE. We would therefore endeavour to continue offering all that we currently offer although we acknowledge that without the PE and Sports Grant this would be difficult.

A continued renewal our membership to the Pendle School Sports Partnership (PLT) will also be paramount to maintaining the children’s enthusiasm and drive for physical education.


Healthy Eating Programme


Year 5 have been learning about healthy eating with BFC. 

They have completed a six week project and an investigation into sugar in cereal bars.

Their hard work was rewarded with a visit from two Burnley FC players, who stayed for a question and answer session and then signed shirts for the children.


See the photos below for all their hard work!

Year 5 Healthy Eating Project

Year 5 Healthy Eating Project 1
Year 5 Healthy Eating Project 2
Year 5 Healthy Eating Project 3
Year 5 Healthy Eating Project 4
Year 5 Healthy Eating Project 5
Year 5 Healthy Eating Project 6
Year 5 Healthy Eating Project 7
Year 5 Healthy Eating Project 8
Year 5 Healthy Eating Project 9
Year 5 Healthy Eating Project 10
Year 5 Healthy Eating Project 11
Year 5 Healthy Eating Project 12

Year One


Year 1 have been having PE sessions delivered by Burnley Football Club.

They have been having lots of fun and learning lots of new skills.

The theme has been multi skills, where they have worked on speed, agility, co-ordination and balance activities. 

Year One BFC PE

Year One BFC PE 1
Year One BFC PE 2
Year One BFC PE 3
Year One BFC PE 4
Year One BFC PE 5
Year One BFC PE 6
Year One BFC PE 7
Year One BFC PE 8
Year One BFC PE 9
Year One BFC PE 10
Year One BFC PE 11
Year One BFC PE 12
Please read the information below which gives details of our PE and Sport Premium Grant and how we allocate the funding.

Children's Gym Memberships 


We have been offered a special deal by Pendle Leisure Trust.


If we can get 10 children to sign up for a membership to their facilities they will offer it to you for just £80 for the full year!


Details of what this includes is in the attached powerpoint below.

If you are at all interested in this offer please see Miss Stansfield.

Children's Activo Membership Offer

BFC Assembly 


Today Bertie Bee came to school to teach us the importance of working as part of a team.

Burnley FC showed us that we all have special qualities and must work together to achieve our goals.


Burnley Football Club Assembly

Burnley Football Club Assembly 1
Burnley Football Club Assembly 2 BFC Dance Off!
Burnley Football Club Assembly 3 BFC Dance off!
Burnley Football Club Assembly 4 Bertie Bee was voted the best dancer!