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Year 2 - Astronauts

Year 2 Astronauts

Below are some general reminders and some information that will be of use during the year.


School starts at 8:50am and the register is taken at 8:55am. Please ensure your child arrives before this time. School finishes at 3:30pm and you may pick your child up from the Year 2 classroom. 


Children will receive their spellings on a Friday afternoon and will be tested on these the following Friday. We ask you don’t return the spelling sheets but still use these to practise a few each night with your child. In addition to spellings and daily reading, your child will also bring home timetables facts or similar to learn for a test the following Friday.


We cannot emphasise how important it is to read with your child daily and discuss the text. We ask you do this little and often and recommend ten minutes a night. Please sign your child’s reading diary indicating the book has been read and may be ready for changing.


Please ensure your child has a named PE kit in school. Our PE lessons will be on Monday mornings and Friday afternoons this year, although these times are sometimes subject to change at short notice. Children wearing earrings in school on these days must be able to remove them independently or they will not be able to take part. Please also ensure children with long hair have it tied up for these days.

Other useful information

Please ensure all your child’s clothing is clearly labelled as things can easily get misplaced. Please ensure your child wears a warm, waterproof coat and sensible shoes. Please ensure your child has a suitable water bottle as we encourage children to keep hydrated throughout the day. Fresh fruit is provided for all KS1 children during morning and afternoon break. 


We thank-you for your continued support and will do our best to make sure this year is a happy, enjoyable and successful year for your child as they move through Year 2. If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to pop in at the end of the school day or leave a message via the school office.


Miss Spencer 


We had so much fun today hopping around school raising money for Pendleside Hospice! 

Check out our FABULOUS moving vehicles! In DT we designed and made fire engines to fit with our History topic the great fire of London! 

This morning a lady visited KS1 to show us some birds of prey. We learnt loads and even got to watch some fly! 


We've been enjoying our new Science topic on habitats this term. We even visited forest school to look for minibeasts in microhabitats. 

As part of our sculpture work we've been learning how to 'push, pull and twist' plasticine to create our own animals for our Science 'living, dead and never alive' lesson. 

We had a FANTASTIC afternoon of joy playing with our friends... well-done to the Astronauts for working SO hard to fill their class jar with handfuls of rice! 

We love using our 'spotter' silly glasses to spot the mistakes in our writing. 

We wrote some letters to the main character Plop the frightened little owl in our story 'The owl who was afraid of the dark' to try and convince him to like the dark. 

We enjoyed stepping through the magic mirror today to pretend we were characters from our text 'The owl who was afraid of the dark'. We even chatted to our classmates in role using our microphones. 

We enjoyed coming up with actions to re-tell our story 'The owl who was afraid of the dark' 

We enjoyed our Science topic on Materials and learnt LOTS! 

We LOVED sharing our non-chronological penguin reports with Year 1 starfish class! 

We enjoyed reading, spotting and sorting statements, commands, exclamation sentences and questions today! 

We had a look at some non-chronological penguin reports in groups to see if we could try and order the features of a non-chronological text and magpie some ideas for our own writing! 

Something strange has been happening in our classroom this week.... 

We REALLY enjoyed using smarties in our Maths lesson this morning to collect data and make tally charts and bar charts! 

We've been learning about different instructions and the features of instruction texts this week so we can get some ideas for our own writing. 

We've enjoyed learning about all the characters that live on Mudpuddle Farm in Michael Morpurgo's stories! 

We've been learning how to stay safe with medicines in our science lessons this term. We realised medicines look a lot like sweets! 

We enjoyed our trip to the letterbox to post our letters home! 

We collected some data for our Maths work to see when the letters arrived at each others houses. We created a tally chart and a pictogram! 

We've been learning all about healthy food this term. We loved making our very own healthy kebabs!