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Year 2 - Astronauts

Year 2 Astronauts

Below are some general reminders and some information that will be of use during the year.


School starts at 8:50am and the register is taken at 8:55am. Please ensure your child arrives before this time. School finishes at 3:30pm and you may pick your child up from the Year 2 classroom, unless collecting your child early for an appointment in which case please collect your child via the school office.


Children will receive their spellings on a Friday afternoon and will be tested on these the following Friday. We ask you don’t return the spelling sheets but still use these to practise a few each night with your child. In addition to spellings and daily reading, your child will also bring home timetables facts or similar to learn for a test the following Friday.


We cannot emphasise how important it is to read with your child daily and discuss the text. We ask you do this little and often and recommend ten minutes a night. Please sign your child’s reading diary indicating the book has been read and may be ready for changing.


Please ensure your child has a named PE kit in school. Our PE lessons will be on Monday mornings and Friday afternoons this year, although these times are sometimes subject to change at short notice. Children wearing earrings in school on these days must be able to remove them or cover them with plasters independently. Please also ensure children with long hair have it tied up for these days.

Other useful information

Please ensure all your child’s clothing is clearly labelled as things can easily get misplaced. Please ensure your child wears a warm, waterproof coat and sensible shoes. Please ensure your child has a suitable water bottle as we encourage children to keep hydrated throughout the day. Fresh fruit is provided for all KS1 children during morning and afternoon break and milk can be ordered directly from Cool Milk at 


We thank-you for your continued support and will do our best to make sure this year is a happy, enjoyable and successful year for your child as they move through Year 2. If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact me via a brief word with the member of staff on the door in the morning, in the afternoon or via the school office.

Miss Spencer 


We then painted our drawings in the style of Van Gogh 


We've been busy drawing this week.. Check out our still life drawings of a vase of sunflowers! 

We had a little walk around the classroom and said which ones we liked best, why and how they could improve. 


Brockholes 1
Brockholes 2
Brockholes 3
Brockholes 4
Brockholes 5
Brockholes 6
Brockholes 7
Brockholes 8
Brockholes 9
Brockholes 10
Brockholes 11
Brockholes 12
Brockholes 13
Brockholes 14
Brockholes 15
Brockholes 16
Brockholes 17
Brockholes 18
Brockholes 19
Brockholes 20
Brockholes 21
Brockholes 22
Brockholes 23
Brockholes 24
Brockholes 25
Brockholes 26
Brockholes 27
Brockholes 28
Brockholes 29
Brockholes 30
Brockholes 31
Brockholes 32
Brockholes 33
Brockholes 34
Brockholes 35
Brockholes 36
Brockholes 37
Brockholes 38
Brockholes 39
Brockholes 40

Today we practiced mixing the primary colours: red, blue and yellow by adding a little or a lot of each colour. We also added white and black to our pallets to make lighter and darker colours. Then we used our creativity to name the colours we made!  

Look at our fantastic Little Red Riding Hood stories! Well-done Astronauts!

We videoed our friends reading their Little Red Riding Hood stories in the forest setting! 

Our Spring walk with Mr Evans!

Some of our 'Andy Goldsworthy' land art sculptures!

We LOVE books! 

World book day!

All dressed up for world book day! 

Follow the yellow brick road! 

Working hard in our guided reading groups.. 

Spotting features of non-fiction books. 

The Owl Who was Afraid of the Dark

Today we played charades using verb cards and had a go at using adverbs to describe them. 

Check out our cityscapes in the style of Van Gogh's 'Starry Night'

Practicing our gymnastics skills on the apparatus 

This week we performed in gymnastics. We planned our own sequences to perform including a shape, travel, roll and balance. Well-done everyone!  

We've been busy this term learning new gymnastics skills. 

Characters in the hot seats.. 

Check out our penguin reports.. 

Wearing our 'SPOTTER' silly glasses to spot the mistakes in our writing!

Some of us have got our head in SUPER books! 

Look what Kaya got for Christmas! Thanks for sharing!

Our winter science investigation..

We focused on one spot of the playground and discussed why it changed throughout the day. 

Today we studied the art work of Van Gogh and created textures using bold brushstrokes. 

We used google maps today to find out where places in Nelson were. 

Some children even wrote the postcodes! 

We've enjoyed learning about the use of apostrophes for contractions this week! 

We've been learning all about mass this week using scales to help us weigh items in grams and kilograms. 

We've been finding features of non-fiction texts using our finger torches.. 

We've been working hard finding definitions in dictionary corner! 

Our polar express morning of joy! 

We've been busy this week creating our Christmas cards... 

We LOVED our Christmas party! 

Christmas party information


We found some very strange footprints in the classroom this morning.. 

We wrote down some questions using the question hand to help us.. 

Why are there snow footprints?

When did it happen?
Is it a polar bear?
How did the footprints get in our classroom?
Where do they live?
Is it Bigfoot?
Is it a dinosaur?
Could it be a dragon?
Why did it come here?
Who was it?
What is his name?


Turns out it was a penguin called Percy who travelled all the way from the South Pole looking for food! He told us he was feeling very sad because not many children in the UK know much about penguins. So we've decided to research all about them and write some non-chronological reports! 

Check out some of our calendars... 

Fantastic artwork Year 2! 

We enjoyed using our finger torches this morning to look for statements in non-fiction books! 

Year 2 have been busy using the computers this week to type up their poems.

We LOVED Christmas jumper day! 


Year 2 wore some FAB jumpers..

The countdown to Christmas has begun.... 

We made up actions to the story 'The Snow Queen' today..


This week we linked our Literacy work on 'The Snow Queen' to our computing and programming skills. We created algorithms on scratchjr using the programming blocks to re-create the story.

Our 'winter wonderland' display.. Look at our wonderful trees! 

Year 2 have been busy practicing their cutting skills today to create a 'winter wonderland' display!

Thanks Miss.Heap for the fabulous idea! 

Today we started our calendars in the style of the Austrian artist Friendensreich Hundertwasser. We LOVED creating different buildings and adding colour using oil pastels. We have some very talented artists in Year 2! More pictures to come... 

Year 2 have had an exciting lesson making potions this week!  We had to read a recipe and work out the fractions of amounts of different ingredients we needed. We added 1/2, 1/4, 3/4 of ingredients such as wriggly worms, caterpillars, slimy slugs, dragons tears, goblin snot and even earwax liquid!

It was great fun! 

Year 2 were excited to start their new Geography topic this term all about where we live. 

In Mathematics today we created our own bar charts. The smarties came in very useful again! 


Today we created our own Tally Charts in Mathematics and we used smarties to help us.. 

Year 2 have been busy practicing their fine motor skills with the wonderful Miss.Heap! 

Year 2 Storytellling

Year 2 orally retelling the story 'There's no such thing as a dragon'.

This term we've been studying the artwork of Keith Haring and re-created our own designs in the style of his work. We experimented with different media including oil pastels, felt tips and crayons. 

Today Mr Evans and Mr Crocodile taught us how important it is to brush our teeth properly. 

We've been very busy in our DT lessons this term- check out our fire engines! 

Plastic is a fantastic material!

Plastic is a fantastic material!  1
Plastic is a fantastic material!  2
Plastic is a fantastic material!  3
Plastic is a fantastic material!  4

Look what she found- a birds nest! Thanks for sharing it with us, we found it really interesting!  

We started making our fire-engines today and covered our boxes with red paper. 

We've been very busy this term learning all about The Great Fire of London back in 1666! 

Check out our charcoal houses.. A big thank-you to Miss Heap for creating this wonderful display! 

We enjoyed trying lots of different healthy fruits and vegetables today.

Thank-you for an exciting lesson Mr.Evans!

Great work with Mr Evans sorting foods to start our healthy eating topic in Science! 

Some children have been busy this week practicing their fine motor skills by threading cheerios onto spaghetti. 

Today Mr Evans taught us how important it is to wash our hands properly. We conducted an experiment with glitter to help us see how easily germs can spread! 

We had our very first Mathematics lesson on place value today. We used practical resources like bead strings, base 10 and place value cards to help us. 

Today we enjoyed re-telling the story of Paddington through role-play using finger puppets. 


We created our very own diary entries pretending to be Paddington... We displayed them on our best writing board for everyone to read! 

Year 2 Teddy Bears' Picnic

We had lots of fun playing with our teddies and eating marmalade sandwiches -just like Paddington!