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Year 6 Christian Mountain Centre Trip



Everyone arrived safely. More updates following tomorrow's activities. 

Some parents asked when the children are due back on Friday. It should be 2.30pm, traffic allowing. We'll keep you updated by text on Friday regarding any delays.



Mrs Westlake reported that all the children were asleep by 11.30pm on Monday night and slept through until 7am-ish. Amazing- the teachers thought there would be very little sleep on the first night. 

Today the children have been rotating around different activities: gorge walking, kayaking and rock climbing plus team building and raft making activities. There was a lot of screaming and squealing as the children had lots of fun! Fingers crossed for worn out children and a good night's sleep tonight too.



Today has been a beautiful day for weather and all the children had a great time, most either gorge walking or doing archery. After tea, the staff are going to take all the children down to the beach which is adjacent to the Pensarn Harbour site. Mrs Westlake says all the children are really happy and having a good time.



Another fabulous day for weather and the children are having such a great time with lots of exciting activities - and they are getting on so well together. This evening they were going to have a barbecue outside in the sunshine. 

The coach will be setting off from Wales mid morning tomorrow, with a stop-off and mass order at MacDonald's on the way. The expected arrival time back at school is about 2.30pm but we'll update parents/carers by text if there are any delays. Once the children are back at school, they can be taken straight home - just let staff know you're taking your child. After school club children will have normal arrangements. It'll be nice to see Year 6 again - school has been very quiet without them!

A few pictures from day one... more to follow!

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